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E-M:/ Dioxin Public Hearing - Sign-on statement

Enviro-Mich message from Mary Beth Doyle <marybeth@ecocenter.org>

I am forwarding a sign-on statement regarding the need to take steps to
eliminate dioxin pollution.  Please take a moment to sign on, and people
are also encouraged to attend the hearing in Chicago this Saturday.
Below is a sign-on statement in support of the January 15 Chicago Dioxin

Please circulate to organizations and elected officials.

Signers, please e-mail Ted Tourlentes <ted@net66.com> by Friday evening,
January 14, 2000.


January 15, 2000

We the undersigned support the efforts of the Center For Health,
Environment and Justice to eliminate dioxin pollution, and join their call
for  legislators to take action now.

Dioxin is an extremely toxic pollutant that accumulates through the food
chain. Current laws create the illusion of protecting public health, while
continuing to allow dioxin pollution that will harm current and future

The People's Public Hearing on Dioxin Elimination today in Chicago provides
a key opportunity to discuss laws that will truly protect the public, and
we urge state and federal lawmakers to participate and act on the dialogue
from this and similar forums being held across the U.S.



People's Public Hearing on Dioxin Elimination

Noon-4:00 PM, Saturday, January 15, 2000

Chicago Room, University of Illinois Chicago 828 S. Wolcott Street, Chicago

By Scott Sederstrom

This Fall, Lois Gibbs' Center for Health, Environment and Justice released
"America's Choice: Children's Health or Corporate Profit - The American
People's Dioxin Report,"
(http://www.essential.org/cchw/campaign/policy.html) a report detailing the
latest science on dioxin's health effects, sources, and recommendations for
eliminating dioxin exposures.  A series of community organized events to
call on policy makers to protect public health by eliminating dioxin are
being conducted across the country.

Expert panelists will provide testimony to elected officials, regulators,
and opinion leaders on why dioxin exposures should be eliminated and how it
can be done while minimizing harm to the economy, workers, and communities.
Confirmed panelists include Lois Gibbs, Jack Weinberg, and Dr. Peter Orris.

Dioxin is a toxic by-product of industrial processes that contain chlorine,
including waste incineration and the use of chlorine chemicals to bleach
wood pulp in paper manufacturing.  Dioxin exposure produces a wide variety
of toxic health effects, and these effects are produced at extremely low
levels of exposure, measured in the parts per trillion.

Despite recommendations for preventive measures from a wide variety of
bodies and associations, including the American Public Health Association
and the Chicago Medical Society, existing government policies are
inadequate to protect the public and do not prevent the creation and
release of dioxin to the environment.

For more information, contact Scott Sederstrom at 312-355-1877 or via email
at <sseder1@uic.edu>.

Mary Beth Doyle, MPH
Environmental Health Project
Ecology Center
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Ann Arbor MI 48104

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