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E-M:/ FW: LWCF Letter to Clinton

Enviro-Mich message from "Tom & Anne Woiwode" <woiwode@voyager.net>

The bounced message is an attempt to help clarify the debate about the Land
and Water Conservation Fund and how it would benefit Michigan.

Tom, Anne, Nate and Pete Woiwode
5088 Powell Road
Okemos, MI 48864

From: HeartlakeC@aol.com
To: woiwode@voyager.net
Subject: Re: FW: LWCF Letter to Clinton
Date: Tue, Jan 11, 2000, 12:12 PM

To:  Enviro-Mich subscribers

From:  Peter McKeever

Re:  Land and Water Conservation Fund - Recent concerns

I have been asked to draft a response, to be posted on Enviro-Mich, to a
recent posting by another of your subscribers.  That subscriber took issue
with the suggestion that support for the Land and Water Conservation Fund
(LWCF) was warranted.

You received a message from me in mid-December, on behalf of Americans for
Our Heritage and Recreation (AHR), urging support for a letter to President
Clinton; that letter supports the principle of full and permanent funding
the Land and Water Conservation Fund.  The letter takes no position on the
bipartisan CARA bill which has passed the House Resources Committee.  LWCF
a provision of that bill; AHR is working to keep the process going in the
hopes that LWCF will be revitalized.

Full and permanent funding for LWCF would mean $900 million annually for
and water conservation; primarily for the acquisition of lands and riparian
areas for permanent protection as natural areas, green spaces, open spaces,
parks, wetlands, etc.

Since LWCF has enacted in the mid 1960's, Michigan has received over $154
million worth of federal, state and local projects; $109 of that total has
been mateched by state and local government and has benefited land
conservation projects in almost every Michigan county.

If the current proposal for full and permanent funding was adopted by
Congress, Michigan would receive $13.7 million annually, plus whatever funds
the federal government used in Michigan for land acquisition for national
forests, lakeshores, wildlife refuges, etc.

Americans for Our Heritage and Recreation (AHR) is circulating a sign-on
letter to President Clinton thanking him for his effort in pushing for
conservation funding in the FY 2000 (last year's appropriations bill)
including LWCF. What we want President Clinton to do next year is promote
concept of a full and permanent fund for the program, given its tremendous
success over the years in protecting millions of acres of parks and
recreation. As you can see from the letter, it does not mention specific
legislation (as of the end of the first session of the 106th Congress, there
were more than 9 pieces of legislation devoted to full and permanent funding
for LWCF), but rather asks the President to promote the idea of a full and
permanent LWCF fund in his agenda for 2000.

AHR has not endorsed any specific LWCF legislation. The organization --
comprised of conservation and smart growth leaders, historic
preservationists, youth sports advocates, the outdoor and sporting goods
manufacturers industries, among others -- works to educate the American
public on revitalizing the LWCF. Please visit our web site at
for more information about LWCF and our campaign.

Peter McKeever
Midwest Outreach Coordinator
Americans for Our Heritage and Recreation
6302 Southern Circle
Monona, WI 53716
Telephone and Fax:  608-223-1275

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