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E-M:/ Clean Car Campaign Salutes Honda, Toyota and GM

January 14, 2000

Contacts: Charles Griffith (734) 663-2400, ext. 116
Lana Pollack (517) 487-9539
Kevin Mills (202) 387-3500

Clean Car Campaign Praises Environmental Progress and Challenges
Auto Makers to Combine Innovations into Cleaner Vehicle Choices

Detroit, Mich.-- This week at the North American International Auto Show, Honda, Toyota and GM were honored with the Clean Car Salute. The Clean Car Campaign praised the automakers for particular innovative actions to manufacture vehicles which will promote a cleaner future for the planet.

The Clean Car Campaign is a group comprised of state, regional and national environmental organizations promoting a clean revolution in the motor vehicle industry. The Clean Car Salute was developed as a way to applaud the substantial positive environmental efforts of the recognized automakers, and to encourage more environmentally friendly vehicle choices by all automakers.

The Clean Car Salute gives recognition to manufacturers' actions that meet and/or exceed the coalition's Clean Car Standard criteria of: 1) 50 percent higher fuel efficiency, 2) California's stringent SULEV tailpipe emissions standard, and 3) cleanly manufactured using nontoxic, recyclable materials.

The Clean Car Campaign recognized Honda, Toyota and General Motors for the following vehicles and manufacturing practices:

- the first U.S.-marketed hybrid-electric vehicle, exceeding the Clean Car Standard for improved fuel efficiency and making progress toward the campaign's tough SULEV tailpipe emissions standard. Insight currently meets California's ULEV standard.

"Honda is the first to make the transition from an environmentally friendly concept car to actually marketing a car we can drive off the showroom floor," enthused Lana Pollack, President of the Michigan Environmental Council.

- the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle (in Japan since 1997) with U.S. market introduction planned for summer 2000, meeting both the fuel efficiency and tailpipe emissions criteria set forth by the Clean Car Standard.

"Toyota will be the first automaker to meet the combined goal of fuel efficiency and super low emissions in an attractive, affordable family vehicle. We look forward to Prius' introduction in the U.S. later this year," stated Charles Griffith, Director of the Auto Project at the Ecology Center.

- the first automaker to change its engineering specifications to eliminate Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), a toxic and difficult-to-recycle plastic, from auto interior panels.

"The Clean Car Campaign is encouraged by the significant steps forward these automakers have made toward bringing cleaner vehicles to market," states Kevin Mills, Director of the Environmental Defense Fund's Pollution Prevention Alliance. "The challenge for all automakers remains to offer consumers vehicle choices which meet all aspects of our Clean Car Standard."

Recent automotive innovations-from fuel-efficient, hybrid-electric vehicles already on the market to cleaner materials for future vehicle designs-show American consumers that cleaner vehicles are within reach. The Clean Car Campaign challenges auto companies to combine these innovations into mainstream vehicles that are many times cleaner than today's in terms of production, use and disposal. The Clean Car Campaign is also collecting pledges. The "Clean Car Pledge," when signed by consumers, asks auto companies to give them a choice to buy cars that create far less pollution when manufactured, operated and recycled.

Coordinating organizations of the Clean Car Campaign are: Michigan Environmental Council, Environmental Defense Fund, Ecology Center, Great Lakes United, American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, and Union of Concerned Scientists.

To find out more about the Clean Car Campaign and the Pledge, log-on to www.cleancarcampaign.org.

Charles Griffith, Ecology Center
117 N. Division, Ann Arbor, MI 48104
734/663-2400, x116(ph)/-2414 (fax)

Want to show your support for greener vehicles? Sign the Clean Car Pledge, at: http://www.cleancarcampaign.org/pledge.html