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10:00 a.m., WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 19, 2000
Sweet Home Baptist Church, 2764 W. Grand Blvd., Detroit, MI
As part of a national campaign to address environmental and economic
injustices, Detroit environmental justice activists will hold a press
conference on Wednesday, January 19 to draw attention to local
environmental injustices.
Local community leaders will be joined by Damu Smith, of Greenpeace USA,
one of the organizers in a Louisiana community's successful struggle to
prevent the siting of a hazardous facility by Shintech Corporation. Smith
who is also a member of the National Black Environmental and Economic
Justice Coordinating Committee, which held a press conference last week in
Washington DC issuing a declaration of a "national state of emergency on
environmental racism and economic injustice."
"Environmental racism is real. In neighborhoods across Detroit and around
the nation, it is destroying the health of our people," said Donele
Wilkins, Executive Director of Detroiters Working for Environmental
Justice, and a member of the Interim National Black Environmental and
Economic Justice Coordinating Committee.
As an example of environmental racism in Detroit, Wilkins cited the
incinerator at Henry Ford Hospital, located in a predominantly Black
neighborhood with high rates of asthma.
Confirmed speakers include Damu Smith of Greenpeace USA, Wayne County
Commissioner Jewel Ware, Donele Wilkins of Detroiters Working for
Environmental Justice, James Williams of the Virginia Park Citizens
District Council, Charles Simmons of the Mount Vernon, Marquette, Wabash
Block Club.
The press conference is sponsored by the Coalition to Stop Incineration at
Henry Ford Hospital, which includes about a dozen organizations, including
the Virginia Park Citizens District Council, Sierra Club, Detroiters
Working for Environmental Justice, the Mount Vernon, Marquette, Wabash
Block Club, the NLG/Sugar Law Center, the Ecology Center, Michigan
Environmental Justice Coalition.
Contact: Donele Wilkins, 313-821-1064
Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice
Quita Sullivan, 313-962-6540
NLG/Sugar Law Center
Jewel Ware, 313-224-0916
Wayne County Commissioner
Mary Beth Doyle, MPH
Environmental Health Project
Ecology Center
117 N. Division
Ann Arbor MI 48104
734-663-2400 ext 108
734-663-2414 (fax)

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