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E-M:/ governor's annual state of the state fib

More reliable than the solstice, more demonstrably false than the tooth fairy, is the annual statement about the condition of Michigan's environment made by Governor John Engler in his State of the State message.
The 2000 version uttered by Engler Wednesday night:
"We celebrate the fact that our water, and our air, are cleaner than they've been since monitoring began."
The truth is a lot more complicated.  Some indicators are cleaner, some are worse.  Michigan's ozone problem worsened last summer;  levels of toxic chemicals in Great Lakes fish are stable or slightly climbing.  Developers are gobbling up farmlands, wetlands and open spaces at manic rates. 
Celebration is due -- for the sacrifices of a previous generation.  No credit is due to the man who has opposed and undermined the laws that past generation put in place to provide us a better future. Under his lack of leadership we have lost precious time.