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E-M:/ Tri-State Pipeline

Enviro-Mich message from Sue Julian <benj@tir.com>

The Detroit Free Press repported Thursday that Tri-State had abandoned its
pipeline project from Joliet, Illinois to Dawn, Ontario.  The Federal
Energy Regulatory Commission had responded favorably to routing around
sensitive forest and wetlands. However, this had nothing to do with
Tri-State "giving up" on the project. It had already outlined alternate

The loss of a significant partner was cited by the Free Press.  An article
in Energy Connection, an industry news update available by subscription,
gives a different slant in its January 2000 issue.  Three rival, existing
pipelines have announced a price break due to "available" capacity. Also
the new Vector pipeline, making essentially the same connection,  is
proposed to be operational by October 2000. When market conditions change,
one can predict that the Tri-State pipeline proposal will return. Since
extensive consultation on alternative routes has already taken place, it
remains to be seen whether FERC could quickly issue a go-ahead in the
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