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E-M:/ Humbug Marsh

Thank you smiley for advising the enviromichers of the continuing vulnerability of Humbug Marsh.  The viability (read big bucks) of any project there rests with the development of the island itself.  The rest of the property is just regular industrial neighborhood land.  To the immediate north is a closed Chrysler Chemical property which has capped landfill areas and special requirements for development, to the west, right across Jefferson Ave. is the newest Class III landfill.  We are not pleased with MDEQ's decision to license and allow this dump to reopen.  In fact, I take this as a personal vendetta on the part of Jim Sygo.  There can be no other excuse but that!  This dump is wetland abused by McLouth Steel for years.  The non-compliance of this area is famous, infamous, and yet the State is allowing reopening.  Plans are underway for fund raisers etc., this dump has Brownstown Creek and Frank and Poet Stream running right through the site.  Outrageous.  Thanks for the concern and support for Humbug Marsh, now raise your eyes from the water and look across a very narrow road at a potential 400 acre dump!  We have to fight the state to make them do their jobs.  Sad commentary for Michigan. Kathleen