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E-M:/ Something Positive to Do For Detroit River

In the event of an oil spill on the Great Lakes the USCG is lead responder in containment and clean up efforts.  There is room at the table for volunteers to do an assessment of the shorelines saving time time time in the actual clean up efforts.  I am the volunteer coordinator for the first USCG/NOAA SPIA Training taking place at the USCG Mt. Elliott MSO office on January 25 at 6-8:00 PM.  SPIA is Shoreline Pre-Impact Assessment.  In order for the responders, the professionals NOT volunteers, to begin their work a knowledge of what the shoreline is/was will be imperative.  The proper tools and cleaning equipment can be brought with them, the assessment having already been done.  When the weather breaks our task is to look at every inch of shoreline on the US side of the Detroit River, record findings, and identify areas of natural pooling for large equipment.  Please email me at kbrown@wnol.net if you would like more information, if you would like to join us, or if you just want to send a note of encouragement.  The overall goal is to do an assessment of the entire Michigan shoreline but one little step at a time,lol, the Detroit River and Lake Erie are the starting point.  People from Creekside and upriver from Detroit are especially encouraged.  Thanks, Kathleen