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Sent: Wednesday, January 26, 2000 12:13 PM
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> Here you go Kathleen, you are a trooper!!!!
> Emily
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> The first meeting for Shoreline Pre-Incident Assessment Training (SPIAT),
> held at the U. S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Office Detroit, was a
> success.  LCDR Jason Maddox, the National Oceanic & Atmospheric
> Administration Scientific Support Coordinator (NOAA SSC), and LTJG Emily
> Holmes from the U. S. Coast Guard coordinated and are conducting the
> training with unwavering support from Kathleen Law and a large group of
> volunteers assembled by her. Also in attendance, Mark Durno from the U. S.
> Environmental Protection Agency.  Last nights session was history making;
> civilians are actively participating in this volunteer effort being pushed
> by the Southeast Michigan Area Committee.  The SPIAT volunteers will
> plans to segment and assess the shoreline on both the Detroit and St.
> River.  This project will provide information to create better responses
> remediation when pollution affects our shorelines.  We will identify shore
> type, natural eddy areas, and large equipment access points.  The on-site
> work will begin in May.  The training is evolving as we go and we are so
> pleased with the turn-out!  Next meeting: Feb. 17 at MSO Detroit

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