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E-M:/ Medical Waste Incinerator Legislation

Enviro-Mich message from "timothy p. killeen" <timothy_killeen@dpsnet.detpub.k12.mi.us>

Greetings to all,

     Sen. Peters has drafted a bill to regulate medical waste
incinerators in Michigan. He is using as his guidelines the Health Care
Without Harm Model Regs. At this point there are two things that are
     First, some sharp enviro(s) need to read the bill and render an
assessment as to whether it will do what we (other enviros) want it to
do. Anyone out there that can do this kind of assessment? It's a 2 page
     Secondly, it would be nice to get some background on the number of
these incinerators out there and their locations. This would be part of
building the case for the need for such legislation.
     Please drop me a note if you can help with either/both.

                                      Tim Killeen
                                      Political Chair, SEMG
                                      Sierra Club

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