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Given John Engler's aggressive promotion of George Bush,
the following information will be of interest....

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Subject: Fw: LCV releases Presidential Profiles on the environment
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2000 10:02:40 -0500
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Subject: LCV releases Presidential Profiles on the environment

 > Environmental Records of the Presidential Candidates Revealed
 > Presidential Profiles available at www.lcv.org
 > Conservation group finds Bush has "weakest record" on environment;
 > on-going environmental information effort related to presidential race
 > WASHINGTON-Calling on the presidential candidates to talk more about their
 > environmental plans and records, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV)
 > released its 2000 Presidential Profiles on the environment on January 13.
 > The League did not endorse any candidate, but did say that Republican
 > front-runner George W. Bush's record on environmental issues is the
 > among competitive major party candidates.
 > "George W. Bush's tenure as governor of Texas is marked by weak state
 > environmental regulations, neglect of Texas state parks, worsening air
 > quality and a general governing philosophy that, if applied nationally,
 > would jeopardize three decades of national environmental progress," said
 > League president Deb Callahan.
 > Based on each of their records, Callahan said Democratic candidates Vice
 > President Al Gore and former Senator Bill Bradley have been friends of the
 > environment and would promote environmental progress from the White House.
 > Callahan credited Arizona Senator John McCain for publicly encouraging the
 > Republican Party to embrace conservation, and for his past support of
 > conservation programs in his home state of Arizona. However, Callahan
 > that Senator McCain's 20 percent career environmental rating with the
 > League calls into question his commitment to consistently support strong
 > conservation policy. The environmental positions of Gary Bauer, Steve
 > Forbes, Utah Senator Orrin Hatch and Alan Keyes were also included in the
 > 2000 Presidential Profiles.
 > "The 2000 presidential candidates have all at one time or another referred
 > to the importance of environmental issues, but most of them have yet to
 > define a clear vision for how they would lead the nation and the world in
 > respect to conservation and environmental policy," Callahan said. "Public
 > opinion surveys consistently show that the American public cares about a
 > candidate's stance on environmental issues. LCV's 2000 Presidential
 > Profiles provide substantive information so the public can assess the
 > environmental credentials of each Republican and Democratic presidential
 > contender."
 > Based on extensive research, interviews and presidential questionnaire
 > responses, the 2000 Presidential Profiles are the first effort by an
 > organization to fully assess the environmental record of each of this
 > year's major party presidential candidates. The 2000 Presidential Profiles
 > are available on the Internet at www.lcv.org. As part of an ongoing
 > information effort, LCV will regularly update the site to include the
 > latest environmental information from the presidential campaigns.
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 > LCV-Update is brought to you by the League of Conservation Voters, the
 > nonprofit political voice for the national environmental and conservation
 > community. LCV is the only national organization dedicated full-time to
 > informing the public about the environmental records of federally elected
 > officials and candidates.
 > LCV publishes annually the National Environmental Scorecard, which rates
 > members of Congress on the most critical environmental votes cast during
 > that year.
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