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E-M:/ Free Feb. 19 Env. Land. Workshop

Enviro-Mich message from Michelle Gesmundo <gesmundm@msue.msu.edu>



For Further Information Contact:
Michelle Timmerman-Gesmundo
201 W. Kalamazoo Ave. Rm. 302
Kalamazoo, MI 49007
Phone:  616-383-8830 Fax:  616-384-8035

For Immediate Release:

Environmental Landscaping for a Healthy, Natural Home Environment

The Michigan Groundwater Stewardship Program (MGSP), in cooperation with
local agencies, is holding its second Environmental Landscaping Workshop at
the Fetzer Center.

The workshop entitled "Environmental Landscaping for a Healthy, Natural
Home Environment" will be held from 8 AM to 12:30 PM on Saturday, February
19, 2000 at the Fetzer Center, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo.  The
workshop is provided to the public free of charge as a return on their
investment in the MGSP.

Concepts and tools featured include Lawn*A*Syst, environmental risk
assessment and management for lawn and garden care; Introduction to
Permaculture, a holistic, homesite approach to supplying your resource and
energy needs; Integrated Pest Management, reducing or eliminating synthetic
chemical pesticide dependence; Backyard Composting, managing on-site
resources for natural soil amendments; Landscaping with Native Plants,
promoting a healthier, natural home environment; Practical Nutrient
Management and Lawn Care Solutions; and Stormwater and Shoreline
Management, concepts for ground and surface water protection

The use of pesticides and fertilizers may cause harmful chemicals to
contaminate groundwater.  Participation in this workshop will help protect
valuable water resources and promote a healthy, natural lawn, garden and
home environment.

For more information and/or to reserve a seat at the workshop, contact
Michelle Timmerman-Gesmundo by February 4 at MSU Extension-Kalamazoo County
by phone at (616) 383-8830 or e-mail at gesmundm@msue.msu.edu.

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