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Enviro-Mich message from Murphwild1@aol.com


Please contact your Michigan Congressperson and let them know you oppose the 
Recreational Fee Demonstration Program and permanent fee collection authority 
for the USFS.


Murray Dailey

The Honorable ________ 
House Of Representatives
Washington, D.C. 20515

The Honorable_________
United States Senate
Washington D.C. 20510

The FY 1999 Recreation Fee Demonstration Report to Congress has just been

released and it contains no surprises.

For both the USFS and the NPS, comparing FY98 and FY99, the report shows


Visitation at Rec. Fee-Demo sites was         DOWN  in  '99

Visitation at Non Fee-Demo sites was          UP  in '99

Cost to collect fees (as % of revenues) was  UP  in '99

Not withstanding these simple facts, the agencies say they are working

through these minor problems and are asking Congress to make these fees

PERMANENT without further delay. The report repeatedly stresses that there

is BROAD PUBLIC SUPPORT for the fees and concludes with the words:

  "The FY 2001 Budget assumes that legislation will be enacted

  before the end of FY 2001 that will permanently extend and

  expand the Recreational Fee Demonstration Program."

Friends --- the land management bureaucrats and their recreation industry

partners will be lobbying Congress with extreme urgency during the next

several months. They will be asking Congress to grant permanent fee

collection authority in the current legislative session.

Whether they prevail, or whether the public is able to convince Congress

that the fee-demo program is broadly OPPOSED and should not be extended or

made permanent, will depend upon WHAT YOU DO during these next 6 - 9 months.

I am confident that with a major burst of energy, the WILL of the American

People can prevail over the efforts of these special interests which intend

to turn recreation on public lands into profitable businesses.

As the report to Congress makes clear, we are now in the home stretch.

Personally, I expect this race will be a photo finish and I expect our side

will prevail. When the race photo is developed later this year, perhaps it

will be YOUR nose that puts us over the line first!

Appreciate all your help.


The report is available on the Internet at



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