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E-M:/ Fw: McCain v Bush

This was sent as a letter to the editor of the Herald-Palladium in St. Joseph, Michigan.  It will be interesting to see whether a newspaper which is avowedly pro-Republican will print it.

What is it that makes some folks think that George W. Bush should be president of the United States?  Does no one bother to look at the ranking of Texas, as achieved under the  leadership of Governor Bush, as compared to the other forty-nine states?

Texas has managed to become:

1st            in Air and Water pollution

48th            in Per Capita Funding for Public Health

49th            in Spending on Environment.

In view of the fact that many big businesses contribute heavily to pollution of air and water, and lobbyists devote their time to achieving benefits for these environmental transgressors, it seems a bit incongruous for Bush to criticize his opponent for accepting contributions from lobbyists.  On February 29th, Texans for Public Justice announced, “At least 23 of Governor George W. Bush’s “Pioneers” are either registered lobbyists or head industry trade groups that lobby government.  These individuals . . . already have delivered $2.3 million to Bush’s presidential effort”.

Why would you expect differently under George W. Bush as president of the United States?

 For many decades, Michigan residents, voters and non-voters, young and old,  have placed an high value on clean air and safe water.  Will those values be diminished under Bush?

             In New Hampshire, Senator McCain announced, “ What could be more conservative than conserving for ourselves and our posterity, clean air, safe water, and the gifts of unspoiled creation.”

 Republicans for Environmental Protection (REP), on January 24th, endorsed Senator John McCain for the Republican Party’s nomination for President of the United States. 

 Dr. Martha Marks, president of REP said, “When it comes to environmental issues, Senator McCain has shown far more leadership than the other Republican candidates.”

 Dr. Marks added, “Republicans for Environmental Protection is endorsing Senator McCain because he has a good track record on wilderness protection and because he acknowledges the value of conservation.  While we may differ from time to time on the specifics of how our natural heritage should be protected, we are confident that Senator McCain will be a responsible  steward of the lands that belong to all Americans.  He knows . . . that protecting the environment and maintaining a strong economy are two sides of the same coin.”

 Alison Horton, Michigan Director of the Sierra Club, announced on February 16th,  “Michigan residents have a right to know about Governor Bush’s record on air and water in the Lone Star State because we prize clean air and water.  The sad truth is that Texas continues to suffer from some of the worst pollution in the nation on Bush’s watch.”

 Prior to Bush’s election, from 1987 –’94 Houston’s air became cleaner due to the introduction of new pollution controls, but since Bush took over, the number of smoggy days increased 20% according to research done by the city of Houston.  Horton stated, “In terms of air quality, Bush inherited a solution, but instead exacerbated a problem.  While there have been some gains in air quality in outlying areas due to EPA requirements, the quality of air for the majority of Texans deteriorated under Bush.”

 According to the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Texas is number one in the nation for releases of cancer-causing toxins into the environment.  Clean Water Action (CWA) spokesperson, Bethany Renfer stated, “Particularly troubling is Texas’ lead ranking in significant non-compliance with the Clean Water Act.”

 None of this bodes well for the nation if Bush should become president.  The environment is our very sustenance.  When we pollute that environment, we pollute ourselves.  Every Republican should take a hard look at these two men before making an uninformed decision.  I, personally, find it difficult to believe that people should choose George Bush over Senator McCain.

 Determine for yourself what Texans for Public Justice think of George W. Bush.  Check out their website at <http://www.tpj.org>

            Del Sipes