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E-M:/ Coyote Killers On The Loose!

Enviro-Mich message from Murphwild1@aol.com


Rather than change the channel, I forced myself to watch 
Michigan-Out-of-Doors today, a television program sponsored by Michigan 
United Conservation Club (MUCC). 

The show featured the hideous hunt of a lone coyote by a group of barbarians 
using trucks, dogs, and radios. 

The "hunters" are now equipping the DOGS with radio transmitters. Having 
stacked the deck against the coyote beyond any reasonable terms, the slob 
hunters displayed their victim as a prized catch, smiling for the cameras, 
and tauting the carcass. Of course they were quick to show it as a family 
affair with wives and daughters smiling too. The message--hey, if woman and 
children take part in this hunt, it must be humane.

There was of course no mention as to whether this was a nursing mother, or 
any mention of the role of the coyote in our ecosystem, it's habits, or it's 
biology. Who's family did they tear apart??? Coyotes are one of the animal 
kingdoms more social creatures. 

As far as I am concerned, and likely many others, this is one of the most 
perverted forms of "recreation" imaginable. No one I know eats coyote.

Shame on MUCC, and shame on those who package this barbaric act as family fun 
and games. I feel sorry for the children who are being taught such awful 
interaction with the natural world. They are victims too.

The show then went on to show MUCC holding workshops on other "wholesome" 
activities at a DNR facility. Talk about a special interest of questionable 
ethics being in bed with "our" agency. 

I have no "social carrying capacity" for such disgusting acts, and hope that 
the Michigan public will voice their consternation towards those who engage 
in it, and those who advocate it--like MUCC. 

Get out of the dark ages MUCC! 

Murray Dailey

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