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E-M:/ Rally At Rep. HQ, Tuesday, Traverse City

What about human rights and the environment?

Rally at the Republican Headquaters!

5 pm- 7pm, February 22, 2000

at the Republican Headquarters on the corner of State and Boardman in Traverse City

We are a non-partisan coalition of groups and do not endorse any candidate for president. We are organizing this rally to promote citizen awareness about critical environmental and social issues which have not been adequately addressed by the candidates for president.

Sen. John McCain: The senator from Arizona has been immediately involved in the largest forced relocation of American Indians in the 20th Century to facilitate the strip mining of native lands by Peabody Coal Company. He should be held accountable for his responsibility in the violation of human rights of thousands of Dineh (Navajo) Native Americans.

Gov. George Bush: The businessman’s businessman has made it clear that environmental legislation will be ignored in Texas, making it the largest toxic waste dump in the U.S. In addition, Bush’s plan to privatize (sell off) public lands will result in the loss of our heritage forests and the environmental degradation of our communities. As a staunch death penalty advocate, Bush has sent a hundred men to death during his term as governor. The governor should be held accountable for his death dealing policies both past, and planned for the future.

Please come the rally and bring instruments, literature, vision and enthusiasm to defy this deadly agenda and affirm our intention of creating something better. Food Not Bombs will be provide a free vegan meal and hot beverages to all participants.

For More Info: Call 231-326-5505 or email forestsforever62@yahoo.com