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E-M:/ It's McCAIN on Tuesday

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

Come Tuesday, I'm going to pull the lever for JOHN McCAIN....  because
I think it is the only real and pragmatic option available for Michigan's 
and conservation activist community.

I think the recent endorsement of McCain by former Governor William
Milliken, who has longstanding deep and abiding respect in Michigan's 
environmental community,
probably clinched it for me.

There is much in McCain's record and in his positions in which I do not
agree.   Although he has a low League of Conservation Voters  score,
(see http://www.lcv.org/presidential/mccain.htm     )
his record apparently shows
that he really cared about the environmental and conservation issues in
his own state and did the right thing much of the time on those counts.   That
at least tells me something about the inner man and his connection to
the environment in his own home state.

McCain's banner promotion of campaign finance reform in the McCain-Feingold
bill is one of his biggest selling points to the environmental community.   It
is long past time that the corrosive effect that corporate soft money  is 
be ended.   Many of our longstanding environmental problems, and many other
societal problems for that matter, may not be solved until we have the kind of
political reform that campaign finance reform will bring.   McCain's voice
on this has been the longest and most consistent in the Congress.

I also find McCain's candor and honesty refreshing.   His public demeanor
does not seem to be a phony  stage-managed creation of campaign 
consultants.   His
manner this way reminds me of Barry Goldwater (someone who I learned to
respect well after the fact of his prominence in American politics).

McCain's recent commitment to eschew negative television advertising also
impresses me.   I think that such negative ads turn millions off to voting 
in politics and our democracy.

Michigan environmentalists and conservationists do have a strong interest in
seeing that George W. Bush NOT be elected president.    Bush's brief reign
in Texas shows that he gives the industrial polluters a free reign down there.
Bush's hallmark is to make environmental/public health protection an 
optional, voluntary
matter....much like the Engler-Harding philosophy.   There have even been
rumors that Russell Harding, Michigan DEQ chief, is in line to be appointed
as head of the EPA should Bush win the presidency.    Harding would be,
no doubt, much worse in that position than even Ann Gorsuch was during the
Reagan Administration.

The latest from the Bush Administration in Texas is that he wants to 
construct privately held
luxury hotels in Texas state parks (see below).    This is the way the guy
thinks --- anything that big business, developers and right wing foundations
want him to do --- just like John Engler.   For more on the Bush record in 
Texas, see:





the press release section at


Texas PEER release on Bush's plans for Texas state parks.....

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Luxury " Nature Lodges" Slated for 24 Parks
(Austin) In a quiet move to convert the state park and wildlife system into
a for-profit operation, Governor George W. Bush has sent out requests for
proposal for the construction of 24 privately-managed "nature lodging"
projects to hoteliers and resort developers, according to documents released
today by Texas PEER. Targeted parks include the crown jewels of the state
system, such as Davis Mountains, Big Bend Ranch, Guadalupe River, Pedernales
Falls, the newly acquired Chinati Mountain lands of West Texas as well as
wildlife management areas containing habitat for threatened and endangered

Project configuration will be up to developers, but other "nature lodgings"
built by the solicited companies feature hotels with rooms renting for $200
a night, conference centers, restaurants and shops. Besides the primary
purpose of revenue production, nature lodging is supposed to combine contact
with nature and comfortable accommodations.

In a recent University of Texas survey of state wildlife managers, six out
of seven opposed the nature lodging concept because it detracted from
wildlife conservation and research. Several of the targeted parks are
already struggling to reduce human impacts upon threatened resident species.

Noting that Texas has less than three percent of its lands set aside in
public parks and reserves, Texas PEER Staff Scientist Dean Keddy-Hector, a
former zoologist with the Texas Department of Parks & Wildlife, commented:
"Putting hotels in critical wildlife habitats evidences a leadership
profoundly unclear on the concept of conservation. This is an irresponsible
plan to 'Disney-fy' the few remaining patches of Texas wild lands."

The Bush plan to transform public parks into privately managed revenue
centers follows the prescriptions of conservative think tanks such as the
Cato Institute.
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