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E-M:/ No more national lands under Bush

Enviro-Mich message from "Tamilyn H. Sanderson" <sirdufus@freeway.net>

This is Michigan related due to Michigan National Lands

>For Immediate Release
>February 20, 2000
>From REP America (Republicans for Environmental Protection)
>Imagine a strip mall at the rim of the Grand Canyon. Imagine a gated condo
>development in Yosemite with "Private - Keep Out!" signs. Imagine the
>Everglades turned into a sugar plantation. Imagine an advertising slogan on
>the Lincoln Memorial.
>    Impossible to imagine? Not if one of Governor George W. Bush’s senior
>policy advisers has his way. "How and Why to Privatize Federal Lands" is
>title of a proposal published in November, 1999 by Terry Anderson, who
>for a hard-right think tank, the Political Economy Research Center.
>    Bush's adviser isn't kidding. He would sell off all our federal lands.
>Our national parks. Our national forests. Our national wildlife refuges.
>national monuments. Our protected seashores. The vast wilderness of Alaska.
>The majestic mountains of California. Valley Forge, Gettysburg and other
>battlefields where America’s heroes won her freedom and preserved her
>The military lands where tomorrow’s heroes prepare now to defend her. Every
>square inch of land the federal government owns would be sold off to the
>highest bidder.
>    Bush's adviser couches his proposal in the language of theoretical
>economics, ignoring the real-world mix of politics and money. Yet the
>possibilities for fraud in his scheme boggle the mind. America's vast
>heritage would be sold off in a frenzy of speculation by special interests.
>Our nation’s crown jewels, protected now for over a century, would suddenly
>be gone. The biological riches patiently accumulated by nature would be
>frittered away for quick cash—all in the name of "conservatism."
>But the scheme proposed by Bush's adviser isn't "conservatism." Quite the
>opposite! It would give the federal government unfettered license to
>our resources on a scale that liberal politicians could not conceive of in
>their wildest dreams.
>The true path of conservatism, an honorable tradition carried out so well
>Theodore Roosevelt a century ago, should seek to conserve the public lands
>that protect America’s natural heritage and preserve her history. Nobody
>should squander that heritage for short-term gain.
>Republicans for Environmental Protection has two questions for Governor
>Do you support your adviser’s outlandish proposal? And will you carry out
>plans if you become President of the United States?
>The people who own America’s great public lands deserve an answer. Now. Not
>after the election.
>Martha A. Marks, Ph.D.
>REP America (Republicans for Environmental Protection)
>PO Box 7073
>Deerfield IL 60015
>A National Journal article dated August 6, 1999, by Margaret Kriz, called
>few hints of green" lists George W. Bush’s environmental advisors
>"Terry L. Anderson, Executive Director of PERC
>Anderson, 53, is the Executivie Director of the Political Economy Research
>Center, a free-market environmental think tank based in Bozeman, MT. He is
>also an economics professor at Montana State University and a senior fellow
>at the Hoover Institution at Staford University. Anderson is known for
>producing numerous publications outlining conservative approaches to
>preserving open lands and endangered species."
>2. Anderson’s proposal to sell off and commercialize all federal lands can
>found on the web site of the Cato Institute:
>Republicans for Environmental Protection will be happy to supply a printed
>copy, if desired.

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