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Re: E-M:/ It's McCAIN on Tuesday

Enviro-Mich message from "Tamilyn H. Sanderson" <sirdufus@freeway.net>

Gee, was this person at the same meeting I was at in Traverse City?  I am
only aware of one meeting there.  Whoever wrote this has a very small minded
view of what happened.  He did not blow off concerns on either environment
or Human rights.  When it was mentioned about Bush selling off the national
lands, he said "Over my dead body".  He came across as having the same
conservation mindedness of Teddy Roosevelt.

As far as the Native Americans go, he stated that he had been working with
the Natives on the project and that they endorsed him for President.  If
they were unhappy with the way he was working with them, they would not have
endorsed him.  He did state that it amazed him that it was the non-native
americans that had a problem with the way he was working with them, not the
native americans themselves.

He does have a problem with " bowing down to the coal interests" that is one
of the reasons he wants to have campaign finance reform and why so many
don't want him to be president.  They won't be able to buy votes, either
way, business or special interest.  He wants to make it fair for all!

>> As to having a set up show: He had several busloads of people come in and
>> fill the hall and ask softball questions.

I would like to know where the person got this information.  If they had
been there the night before as I had, they would have seen that the
"busloads of people" were all press.  The press that was there came in the 2
buses that were sitting out front.  They didn't ask any questions, only
reported them.

I did not find him to be anything but truthful.  Bush you can tell is a con
man, but McCain is geniune.

>> PS-He also said that we could fix the problem with racism in our
>> with the military. Last time I checked, they were one of the more racist
>> institutions around: always doing intense recruiting in low income,
>> american communities, etc.

This is totally taken out of context.  He was saying that the military is
where it needs to be fixed the most.  By not accepting racism in our
military and teaching them about it, he feels that it will go a long way to
fixing the problem.

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