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E-M:/ VOTE!!! Your Michigan and national environment depend on it!!!

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>


Never before have Michigan environmentalists and conservationists
had a more important and crucial opportunity to shape the political landscape
than with their voting opportunity today with the Michigan Republican Primary.

It falls to Michigan citizens to potentially have a DECISIVE role in
a national presidential campaign.

Michigan's republican leadership is four square behind George W. Bush who
is little more than a wholly-owned subsidiary of big business corporate
political campaign contributions.   And it is no secret that John Engler 
vice-presidential ambitions.    What you do today in the voting booth can
ensure that our anti-environmental, anti-conservation governor doesn't gain
ascendance to national office.   Now is the time to cut off his political 

YOU have the choice to instead elect in the Michigan Republican
Primary a more centrist figure, JOHN McCAIN, who has been more dedicated
at leading the battle against abusive corporate campaign contributions and
its corrosive effect on our democracy than any other member of Congress.

A Michigan Victory for McCain would go a long way toward propelling him
to victory in later primaries and could be absolutely decisive in the 
presidential campaign.

I don't agree with everything the John McCain does or says; but I believe that
he would be a centrist when it comes to environmental protection and
conservation, unlike his opponent (as it has been shown from George W's
record in Texas).   I believe he is educable on the issues where there is
a disagreement.

More importantly, what YOU do with your VOTE today may help politically
guarantee that the choice for all Americans in the November presidential
election will thus be between two centrists on the environmental/conservation
issue from both parties.

So get out there and VOTE and call your friends and neighbors and get them
to the polls also....!!!

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