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E-M:/ Michigan Engler Blames Democrats and Himself


Today's New York Times has an interesting article on John Engler's political
and professional failure when it comes to George W. Bush's trouncing by John
McCain in Michigan yesterday.

A snippet:

"There was evidence in the polls of voters as they left the ballot booth
that Mr. Engler's endorsement hurt Mr. Bush as much as it helped him."
Oh, Engler is also quoted as saying he would be the "asbestos" protection
against McCain's insurgent "blaze".  Does that mean that GWB will be getting
mesothelioma too?  (mesothelioma is cancer of the pleura or lining of the
lungs which is associated with exposure to asbestos).

Seems like Michigan's anti-environmental governor can't deliver the goods
when it comes to electing corporate shills like GW Bush in the Great Lakes

Go McCain!

Dave Zaber