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E-M:/ Environmental policy statements

Title: Environmental policy statements
The Kalamazoo Environmental Council intends to develop policy / position statements covering the following topics over the next several months. This will allow us to respond more quickly when statements of support or opposition to imminent actions are needed. They also will help us focus our efforts on matters of agreed upon importance. Rather than creating these statements entirely de novo, we would like to benefit from the thoughts of others in these areas. Can you direct us to existing policy/ position statements on these topics which might provide a starting point for our discussions? The topics are:

  Air Quality
  Water Quality
  Nonmotorized Transportation
  Biodiversity and Habitat Preservation
  Watershed Management and Protection
  Pollution Prevention and Waste Reduction
  Sustainable Development
  Energy Production and Use

 We already have a policy on land use. We would appreciate any suggestions you can make concerning the above.