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Enviro-Mich message from Terry Link <link@MAIL.LIB.MSU.EDU>

Just a reminder of the workshop here at MSU next Tuesday:

	> Tuesday, March 7, 2000
	> University Committee for a Sustainable Campus
*	Bailey Scholars Program
*	9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.		
*	Kellogg Center, Michigan State University
	> Kellogg Auditorium and Rooms 103B, 104A/B, 105A/B, 102 Kellogg
	> The sustainable use of the earth's finite resources is an issue of
	> than > academic interest; it also requires institutions of higher
education to
	> serve as living models for sustainable practices. How does a
	> assess its ecological footprint and build a learning culture
attuned to
	> the > realities of a place-bound, sustainable system across all
sectors of the
	> campus community? This program is designed to bring together
	> staff > and students from schools, colleges and universities
across Michigan to a)
	> explore the dimensions of a sustainable campus, b) exchange ideas
	> sustainable curriculum, and c) develop networks for continued
outreach and
	> education. The keynote presentation in the morning will be
followed by
	> afternoon workshops on topics such as solid waste management,
	> use, > energy audits and experiential learning.

	> For more information: Laura B. DeLind 517-355-7490,
<delind@msu.edu <mailto:delind@msu.edu> > or
	> Terry Link > 517-355-1751, <link@mail.lib.msuu.edu
<mailto:link@mail.lib.msuu.edu> >.
	> 9:30 - 10:00 Registration
	> 10:00 - 11:30 Keynote and discussion
	> 11:30 - 1:00 Lunch* 
	> 1:00 - 2:30 1st Workshop Sessions
	> 2:45 - 4:15 2nd Workshop Sessions 
	> 4:15 - 5:00  Going Forward
*	An inexpensive lunch will be available. Advance registration is
Please contact Laura B. DeLind or Terry Link.

	> Keynote Speaker will be Dr. Anthony Cortese, President of Second
	(Second Nature is a nonprofit organization with a mission to expand
	> capacity of colleges and universities to make an environmentally
just and
	> sustainable future a foundation of learning, research, operations
	> interaction within the local, regional and global community.) 
	> >    
	> Workshop sessions include the following:
	> Session 1: An Energy Assessment of an MSU Building	Tim Mrowoski
	> 	This workshop reports on a collaborative approach between
	> and operations utilizing > a course-based analysis. Their
assessment model will be used as the pilot
	> to > gain awareness of building user patterns and technology
initiatives which
	> can be incorporated at MSU to gain energy efficiencies.

	> Session 2: Campus Recycling in Michigan: Handling Wastes
	> 	Pete Pasterz (MSU) Carolyn Noack (WMU) Sarah Archer (UM)
	This session will focus on how recycling and reduction programs are
	> at Michigan State University, University of Michigan, and Western
	> University.  Often recycling is a University's most visible effort
	contributes to sustainable resource use.

	> Session 3: Designing Ecological Learning Laboratories on Campus 
		Catherine Badgley (U of M) and Dave Lemberg (WMU) 
		This workshop will present two projects-an agroecology
farm site and a 50 acre > prairie restoration site-that turn campus land
	> ecologically-centered learning laboratories.

	> Session 4: Effective Strategies for Making Green Things Happen on
	> Campus: Cases in Point 
	Mike Shriberg (U of M) Andrew Nixon  (WMU) Terry Link (MSU)
	> 	This program will showcase three different approaches to
	> raising campus consciousness and engage attendees in a discussion
of how
	> we > might assist moving green issues forward on campuses.

	> Session 5: Green Architecture: Operations and Design
	> 	Chris Pyzik (WMU) > 	Peter Reppe (UofM)
		This workshop will introduce and discuss sustainable,
building-design guidelines. It will reflect on their development and how
they are incorporated into campus planning and architecture?
	> Session 6: Healthy Buildings on the EMU Campus  
	Elizabeth King (EMU) and Louise Jones (EMU)
	> 	A faculty member with multiple chemical sensitivities was
	> catalyst for the development of a new, green building on the EMU
	> The > project required extensive materials research and
considerable political
	> negotiation. 
	> Session 7: An Energy Assessment on the WMU Campus Carl Newton
	> 	Panelists from Western Michigan Physical Plant will discuss
	> energy reduction strategies including the renewal of efforts which
	> occurred since 1996.  Western will describe how they have used
	> generation energy management technologies to enhance heating,
	> and air conditioning, and lighting efficiencies without disrupting
campus > customers.
	> Session 8: Green Housing on Campus > 	Mike Shriberg (U of M) >
Jeff Schroeder (U of M)
		What would sustainable on-campus housing look like? This
workshop reports on initial housing research and programming begun at the
University of Michigan.
	> Session 9:Sustainable Curriculum and Experiential Learning 
Catherine Badgley(U of M) and Debra Rowe (Oakland Community College) 
	This workshop How some folks are creating > specific courses on
sustainability and even more importantly, integrating > sustainability into
traditional liberal arts courses and utilizing
	> experiential learning.
	> Going Forward   4:15-5:00
	> "Next Steps: Creating Tangible Initiatives to Help 'Green' Your
		Harold Glasser(WMU)
		This interactive discussion will address how we effectively
continue our steps > towards sustainable campuses? What networks exist for
us to use and to
	> share the > knowledge gained? How might we from Michigan and Great
Lakes regional
	> campuses support each other? 
*	====

Terry Link, Librarian
Chair University Committee for a Sustainable Campus
Adjunct Faculty, Bailey Scholars Program
Main Library
100 Library Lane
East Lansing, MI 48824
link@mail.lib.msu.edu <mailto:link@mail.lib.msu.edu> 

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