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E-M:/ Protection for the Wetlands


Here is a snippet from today's New York Times. Its the top editorial today
regarding the revocation of the Army Corps of Engineers-managed nationwide
permit 26 program.  This allowed nibbling away at small (but important)
wetlands. The Corps has done the right thing here for wetland protection
(and all the direct and indirect human benefits of wetlands).



"But for now, anyone who worries about wetlands has reason to cheer. The
Corps of Engineers, which is not known for environmental stewardship, has
acted responsibly."

note:  I guess this loss to Engler's wetland-destroying campaign
contributors, along with Engler's failed tax-subsidized attempt to stop air
pollution controls last week mean that Michigan's anti-enviro career
politicians may be slowed a bit.

Best Regards,

David Zaber