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E-M:/ Meridian Twp -- BiPartisan slate runs for Board

Enviro-Mich message from "Tom & Anne Woiwode" <woiwode@voyager.net>

Enviro-Mich -- you have been regaled with stories of Meridian Twp and awful
land use in the past -- today a bipartisan slate is taking on the majority
of the Board.  See press release below, and goals document:


For Immediate Release:                                  Contacts:
 March 22, 2000      Sue McGillicuddy 347-0950
        Julie Brixie 347-0164

Republican and Democratic Candidates Join Forces :
Restoring Residents¹ Voice and Balanced Land Use Top Agenda

 Promising to place the interests of the residents of Meridian Township
above partisan politics, a slate of Republicans and Democrats today
announced their coordinated campaigns for Meridian Township Board.   The six
members of Meridian BiPartisan Leadership, believed to be the only slate of
its kind in Township history, was brought together by incumbent Trustee
Susan McGillicuddy.

 McGillicuddy, a Republican and a strong advocate for sound land use
decisions and public input to decisionmaking in Meridian Township government
announced she will run for Township Supervisor. She is joined in the
Meridian Bipartisan Leadership by:

 Patricia Hagen, running as a Democrat for Township Clerk;  
 Bruce Hunting, candidate for Treasurer on the Democratic ticket;
 Steve Stier, Republican candidate for Trustee;
 Julie Brixie, Trustee candidate running as a Democrat; and
 Anne Woiwode, running as a Democrat for Trustee.

 The six candidates bring a wealth of experience and diverse backgrounds to
the campaign.  The unifying goals of their campaign were introduced:

  - Restore the Voice of Meridian Residents
  - Restore Balance to Land Use Decisions, and
  - Leave a Healthy Social, Economic and Natural
       Environment for future generations.

 Meridian BiPartisan Leadership members invite township residents to contact
them to get involved.



Susan McGillicuddy (R) for Supervisor
Patricia Hagen (D) for Township Clerk
Bruce Hunting, (D) for Treasurer

Steve Stier (R) for Trustee
Julie Brixie (D) for Trustee
Anne Woiwode (D) for Trustee

March 22, 2000

The members of the Meridian BiPartisan Leadership seek election to make
these goals a reality:

1) Restore the Voice of Meridian Residents

 Meridian Township is a diverse and dynamic community. Our residents and
local business owners embrace a wide range of ideas about what is best for
our community.  Accessible and open-minded officials are essential to
assuring that decisions reflect the best interests of Meridian Township as a

 Meridian BiPartisan Leadership pledges to restore the voice of Meridian
Township residents. As Township Board members we will:

-assure effective public notice about upcoming issues,
-guarantee substantive opportunities for public comment, and
-provide ready access to information about decisions.

 Meridian BiPartisan Leadership members commit to:

  -full disclosure of conflicts of interest,
  -open and candid discussion about controversial issues,
  -clear documentation of our rationale for decision-making, and
  -respectful treatment of Township residents.

2) Restore Balance to Land Use Decisions

 Meridian Township is a wonderful community to live in, blessed with many
treasured natural features and an abundance of modern life's conveniences.
Our community depends as well on healthy and vigorous neighboring
communities for jobs, business relationships and cultural amenities.

 Thoughtless expansion of commercial, office and residential uses will
result in a community and region very different from the one we enjoy today.
The residents and local business people of Meridian Township recognize this.
We believe our community can experience growth in a way that benefits both
local businesses and residents if careful planning is exercised. Meridian
BiPartisan Leadership believes the key to balancing growth is:

 -soliciting and developing a broad consensus among our citizens for the
   future of development in Meridian Township and our region;
 -working to promote regional cooperation on all land use issues; and
  -assuring that elected and appointed officials vote in accordance with the
  direction our citizens set.

 Meridian BiPartisan Leadership commits to follow and enact policies that
confront head-on the challenge of protecting the quality of life of Meridian
Township residents and the rights and responsibilities of landowners. To
that end, we will set a course for Meridian Township that assures we:

 -prevent higher taxes by encouraging development within the existing
   sewer, water and road systems;
 -protect our natural resources, such as groundwater and air; and
 -establish a balance between demand for development and residential
   quality of life.

Leave a Healthy Social, Economic and Natural Environment for future

 Today, Meridian Township residents are living with the consequences of bad
decisions, such as ever worsening traffic congestion brought on by poor land
use decisions.  When elected to the Board, members of the Meridian
BiPartisan Leadership commit to weigh the decisions we¹ll make in the
context of the future well-being of Meridian Township residents, the
environment and local business interests.  Our children deserve to inherit a
healthy social, economic and natural environment.


Tom, Anne, Nate and Pete Woiwode
5088 Powell Road
Okemos, MI 48864

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