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Re: E-M:/ Timber Mandate Round 2: State Senate Subcom Tomorrow

Enviro-Mich message from Tim Flynn <timf@mac.com>

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Here's the language.

<<[Sec. 902. Of the funds appropriated in section 109, the department shall
not allow the amount of timber marked and offered
for sale to decrease below 855,000 cords or 69,000 acres, at the
current average rate of 12.5 to 13 cords per acre. In addition, the
department shall continue itıs silvicultural analysis and report annually to
the legislature on plans and efforts to address factors limiting management.
The department shall take into consideration the impact of timber harvesting
on wildlife habitat and recreational use.>>

This is the worst yet.  No as bad as it started out but clearly intended to
convert our State Forest into cheap sources of fiber for mills.  The
"consideration" of recreation an wildlife is completely disingenuous and

This is a mandate the pounding of our forest at 36 year rotations that
average 80 percent removal of live trees.

In addition it ask the Department to focus on getting timber off acres they
believe are unsuited for logging.   So even the limited acreage the DNR sees
as inappropriate for logging is being pushed into production with this

Please call your Senator and ask that they not sell out to the Michigan
Assc. of Timbermen.   Ask that they please value native habitat over naked


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