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E-M:/ Timber Mandate

Enviro-Mich message from "Tamilyn H. Sanderson" <sirdufus@freeway.net>

As a proud conservative Republican, I am concerned with the liberal stance
our Republican legislators are taking on this timber mandate DNR Budget (HB
5281).  Let me briefly explain.  Historically, Republicans have always been
considered conservative.  The root word of conservative is conserve.
According to the Doubleday Dictionary the word conserve means "To keep from
loss, decay, or depletion; supervise and protect"

Liberal "General in giving; generally opposing conservatism"

The proposed Timber Mandate is anything but conservative, as a matter of
fact, it is down right liberal.  This mandate would give away "our" trees to
the lumber industry and opposes protection, thereby opposes being
conservative.  I used the word "our" because they are public trees, since we
are the public, we own the trees.

If the Republicans are truly conservative, they need to vote this proposal
down.  I am sure none of them would want to be considered liberal!

Tamilyn H. Sanderson

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