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E-M:/ Reel Mowers for Real People

Enviro-Mich message from "Pamela Howd" <HOWDP@state.mi.us>

Here's a few great webpages that address REEL mowers:




For all the tunesters out there, here are a few suggestions for songs to sing while mowin:

Rocking and rolling, walking and a REELing, save the earth oh yeah, save, save the earth (sung to Barbara Ann - Beach Boys)

I'm a REEL man, and I push mow.  It does the job, no P2 slob.
I'm a REEL man, its in my plan, I give a hoot and don't pollute!
 (I'm a Soul man - Blues Brothers)

Mowing in the REEL world (Living in the USA - Grand Funk Railroad)

Over hill over dale, I will push mo me a trail.
As the front yard gets mowin along.
REEL mowin, no gas blowin, no big belly I'm a showin.
Cause you keep fit when REELING along.

So, breath clean air and my bodies worth a stare.
Cause I'm so buff, I just can't get enough!
REEL mowin it's true, saves the air and also you.
So, I'll keep mowin and REELING along!

(Army song - Over Hill Over Dale)

Okay, so I took a little poetic license.  

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"Conservation is a great moral issue, for it involves the
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of the nation." --President Theodore Roosevelt .  

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