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E-M:/ Backyard Eco Conference 2000 (with corrected registration form)

Enviro-Mich message from Citizens for Alternatives to Chemical Contamination <cacceco@earthlink.net>

NOTE: Please feel free to print out the registration form at the end 
of this document and return it to our registrar. 

Backyard Eco Conference 2000

Environmental Leaders Among Us

Tales of Wrestling with Corporate Giants

May 12, 13, 14

Mystic Lake YMCA Camp

Clare County, Michigan


Ronnie Dugger: Alliance for Democracy

"Beyond Seattle/Building on Success"

Peter Dougherty: Michigan Peace Team

"The U.S. Connection, Low Intensity War in Chiapas, Mexico"

Dr. Patrick Rusz: Michigan Wildlife Habitat Foundation

"Rebuilding Habitats and Wetlands in the Real World"

Ed Lorenz: "Building a Strong Citizens Group in a Polluted Small Town

Stephanie Mills: "Continuing to Continue, Apocalypse When"

Ann Hunt, Tracey Easthope, Terry Miller, Diane Hebert: "The Dow Project"

For More Information Contact:

8735 Maple Grove Road
Lake, MI 48632-9511

Camp Director:
Kathy Snooks
(517) 544-2609
E-Mail: bestopesto@webtv.net


Wow! Talk about an All-Star lineup. Just glance at that list of speakers!

Hey and probably no videos due to popular request. This year should 
be an especially "sweet" conference. Please come and celebrate Mother 
Earth's Day with us.

CACC is offering to "First Time Adult Enrollees" a 20% discount off 
their total cost. Great workshops, speakers, music, good friends and 
delicious food. A real fun and learning experience for the kids in a 
beautiful, peaceful setting. It doesn't get any better!

Please come and share it with us. I guarantee you won't regret it. In 
fact, you may become hooked on Eco for life.


John Witucki, For the CACC Board

For 18 years CACC has offered the Backyard Eco Conference. It is our 
yearly opportunity to spend a carefree (other that issues) weekend at 
a beautiful, nurturing lakeside spot in the woods. This is a premier 
chance each year to soak up the sun, canoe, eat well, dance, learn, 
share it all with young people and then end the weekend with a 
100-person hug. Come witness and participate with some of the Žnest 
minds and warmest hearts in the Great Lakes area (I am 
prejudiced-sorry) as we strive with ideas and plans to bring about a 
better world.

Mystic Lake YMCA Camp has 500 acres of wooded land near Lake Station 
in southwestern Clare County, and features two private lakes, unique 
bogs and the most extensive patch of lady's slippers in the area. The 
camp specializes in youth camping, environmental education, and 
retreats. Lodging is provided in heated cabins, some with their own 
bathrooms and the rest with central bathhouses, or, Eco participants 
can camp on the grounds.

Mystic Lake YMCA Camp is owned and operated by the Lansing YMCA and 
is located one mile west of Village of Lake on US - 10, or four miles 
west of the end of the US - 10/M-115 freeway. All conference 
registrants will receive a detailed map with their registration 
packet. Late registrants are urged to call the Eco Registrar at 
517-426-5540 (evenings) to assure space availability in cabins after 
May 5.

The Backyard Eco Conference has been an annual gathering sponsored by 
Citizens for Alternatives to Chemical Contamination since 1983. CACC 
is a grassroots environmental education and advocacy organization 
dedicated to the principles of social and economic justice, reduction 
of corporate domination of American/World politics, pollution 
prevention, citizen empowerment, and the protection of the Great 
Lakes Eco system. CACC is a member of the Michigan Environmental 
Council, the Michigan United Conservation Clubs, Great Lakes United, 
and the Environmental Fund for Michigan.


Ronnie Dugger

Alliance for Democracy

Ronnie Dugger is a reporter, writer, editor, and social-structure 
activist. Born in Chicago of a Texan and a Scotswoman, Dugger was 
writing for newspapers from 13 on. He was raised and educated in 
Texas except for a time at Oxford University. After a couple of years 
in Washington he returned to Texas and in 1954 founded, with the 
support of a group of nationally-oriented liberals in the state, The 
Texas Observer, an independent liberal weekly newspaper. During 
Dugger's editorship the Observer broke many scandals and initiated 
dialogues on neglected issues of social and economic policy, racial 
justice and civil liberties.

An article of Dugger's, a "Call to Citizens" published in the Nation, 
in the issue of Aug. 14-21, 1995, launched a nationwide populist, 
anti-giant-corporation movement, the Alliance for Democracy, "to free 
all people from corporate domination of politics, economics, the 
environment, culture and information; to establish true democracy; 
and to create a just society with a sustainable, equitable economy." 
The Alliance has launched more than 55 chapters across the country.

Recently the Alliance narrowed its national campaigns down to three, 
against corporate-governance international trade treaties, for public 
Žnancing of all federal elections, and for the transformation of the 
corporation to subordinate it completely to democracy. In the fall of 
1999, members of the Alliance opened a campaign of direct action 
edged in civil disobedience in the Rotunda of the national Capitol, 
aimed at campaign Žnance corruption. The fourth convention will be 
held in Davis, California, July 16-19, 2000.

Mr. Dugger will speak on the labor union/environmental alliances 
forged in Seattle, the abuse of the term "free trade" to promote 
corporate welfare and domination and strategies for restoring true 
democracy in our world society.

C. Peter Dougherty

Michigan Peace Team

Peter Dougherty, age 65, is a Catholic priest of the Diocese of 
Lansing, Michigan. In 1970 he became a campus minister at Eastern 
Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Michigan. There he became active 
against the Vietnam War and involved in the United Farm workers 
struggle for justice. Seeing the connections of systemic violence and 
poverty, he became active in the disarmament movement and direct 
caring for the poor. He and others formed a Catholic Worker-style 
community, serving the homeless and opposing militarism, Third World 
intervention, racism, and other social forms of violence. He has been 
a leader of many campaigns for social change.

He co-founded Covenant for Peace, Great Lakes Life Community, 
Michigan Faith and Resistance, and Michigan Peace Team, all focused 
on peacemaking.

Peter is Outreach and Training Coordinator of the Michigan Peace 
Team. He has led nonviolence training in preparation for disarmament 
actions, anti-apartheid activity, labor strikes, Klan rally 
peacekeeping and other peace team activity in U.S. cities, and for 
international peace teams. He has been on violence reduction peace 
team projects in Bosnia, Haiti, Hebron in the occupied West Bank, 
Chiapas, Mexico, and in Michigan.

Peter is a sacramental minister at local churches. He is an educator 
for peace and advocate for the poor, drawing on his direct experience 
of peacemaking over many years. Peter has been arrested and in jail 
many times for civil resistance actions, primarily against the 
madness of nuclear weapons.

Peter likes to sing, play the guitar, and torture people with his puns.

Patrick Rusz,

Michigan Wildlife Habitat Foundation

Dr. Patrick Rusz has served as Director of Wildlife Programs at the 
Michigan Wildlife Habitat Foundation since 1986. He holds a Ph.D. in 
wildlife biology and a M.S. degree in aquatic ecology, and became a 
certiŽed city and regional planner in 1979. He has more than 25 years 
of experience in environmental management and has supervised major 
studies and restoration projects in 15 states and in Australia. Dr. 
Rusz currently conducts wetland, stream, and prairie restorations 
throughout Michigan for the non-proŽt foundation.

Michigan's County Drain Commissions have long been criticized for 
draining wetlands, adding sediment to streams, and contributing to a 
variety of other environmental problems. However, many of the state's 
drain commissions have recently adopted sound conservation practices 
and have assisted with important wetland restorations.

The Michigan Wildlife Habitat Foundation, a private, non-proŽt 
organization, has been working in partnership with the Michigan 
Association Of County Drain Commissioners for more than six years. 
The Foundation has conducted training sessions on environmental 
restoration for commissioners and their staff. Working directly with 
individual drain commissions, the Foundation has restored hundreds of 
acres of wetlands and enhanced upland wildlife habitat along many 
miles of county drains, without costs to taxpayers in the drain 
assessment districts. The partnership is a Žne example of cooperation 
between local government and the private sector that is free of 
traditional "red tape." This session explains how the partnership 
works and presents information on three exemplary projects conducted 
in Ingham, Washtenaw, and Montcalm counties.

Edward C. Lorenz

Department of History and Political Science, Alma College

Mr. Lorenz teaches both history and political science courses and 
directs Public Affairs Institute. In addition to introductory 
courses, he teaches history of the early 20th century, colonial 
America, public policy and administration courses, and history and 
public affairs seminars. Seminar topics include comparative social 
welfare and environmental policy. He is currently doing research for 
a book length manuscript on the history of American institutions in 
developing and supporting international labor standards.

Mr. Lorenz heads the Community Advisory Group (CAG) in Gratiot County 
which began with a focus on the environmental problems resulting from 
the operation of the Velsicol Chemical Company which dumped thousands 
of tons of DDT in the Pine River and other regions near St. Louis. 
The Velsicol plant also was famous for the accident that led to 
mixing cattle feed with the Žre retardant PBB in 1973, one of the 
worst food chain contamination accidents in history. Even without the 
cattle feed mistake, after 1970, the company exposed the residents 
and workers to uncontrolled PBB dumping and emissions, as well as 
low-level radioactive waste. Consequently, the communities have two 
active Superfund sites and a river with the highest levels of DDT 
ever documented in this country (up to 44,000 ppm). Residents of the 
region have been resigned to high levels of certain cancers, birth 
defects, and learning disabilities that they suspect are associated 
with their environment.

The shared sense of indignation and frustration that surfaced as a 
result of these initial meetings empowered the community to form a 
community advisory group (CAG) in 1998 under EPA regulations (OSWERD 
Directive 9230.0-28). This group, incorporated as the Pine River 
Superfund Citizens Taskforce, continuously monitors the clean up and 
provides a forum for community input. The CAG has received a $50,000 
Technical Assistance Grant from the EPA and has a pending application 
for a $750,000 community health grant from the National Institute for 
Environmental Health Science. The Pine River Superfund Citizens 
Taskforce has begun to be a form for communicating with residents 
about risks and learning from them possible health concerns.

Appearing with Mr. Lorenz will be

Murray C. Borrello, Department of Geology, Alma College.

Mr. Borrello is an instructor of Geology and Environmental Sciences 
at Alma College. He helped organize and develop Environmental Studies 
Minor at the college and is currently developing prospective 
interdepartmental Environmental Science Major.

He also works as a consultant on Velsicol Superfund Site Remediation 
for the U.S. EPA. He helped with the drafting of a remedial 
investigation report for a $40 million dredging project on the Pine 
River in St. Louis. He helped establish a Community Advisory Group 
(CAG) that acts as a liaison between EPA and the community regarding 
the Superfund Site in St. Louis.


Terry Miller is the tireless and instrumental founder of the Lone 
Tree Council, which came together in the same year as CACC, 1978. 
Lone Tree was started to stop the Midland nuclear plant and the group 
members now wrestle with GM, Dow, Mosquito Control and local toxic 
issues. Terry is glad that he has retired from teaching middle school 
so that he can get even busier with environmental and political 
action. Terry is currently studying Media Access.

Diane Hebert is a long time local environmental investigator and 
activist. She has Žrst class knowledge of many issues, especially 
dioxin exposures. She lives and works in Midland. Fortunately, for us 
at least, we have a dioxin expert living near the world's largest 
chemical production facility. She has been a voce for the people and 
a pain in the - conscience for Dow Chemical for just as long.

Ann Hunt is an inspirational woman for Environmental Activism. She 
was one of the main founders of CACC, the originator of this 
conference (18 years ago) and our Executive Director for nearly 20 
years. She has worked aggressively and imaginatively on many issues - 
especially recycling, solid waste reduction, landŽll siting and 
design, citizen involvement with DEQ and the largely unregulated 
waste disposal practices of the oil and gas industry.

Ann continues to work in the human services Želd and is still active 
in the Mid-Michigan area with things such as the Dow Project.

Dow Project This panel will speak of a multi-year task involving 
Midland Dow, the NRDC and several other parties. The original goal 
was toxic waste reduction, both in initial production and in 
emissions. As the months and years passed, their effort evolved into 
a nationally recognized effort. SigniŽcant reductions in toxics and 
millions of dollars in production cost savings for Dow were involved. 
The project's strategies and results were praised even in Chemistry 
Industry Journals, a rare accolade for environmentalists.

Stephanie Mills is an internationally known "Ecologist" and author 
who has for thirty years been working to help humanity straighten out 
its relationship with Mother Earth. She is in demand as a presenter 
at conferences and lectures widely on a variety of subjects, has 
written two books, In Service of the Wild and Whatever Happened to 
Ecology? Her writing has appeared in Orion AŽeld, Glamour, Whole 
Earth, Sierra, the 1999 Britannica Book of the Year and Annals of 
Earth. In 1996 Mills was named one of the Utne Reader's 
"visionaries." She is at work on a book to be titled Epicurean 

In her closing režections at this years Eco Conference, Stephanie 
will ponder the art of staying centered while dancing on the cusp of 
change. Secretly disappointed that the Y2k event was a Žzzle and 
failed to bring industrial civilization to its knees, Mills will 
wonder aloud how to be an environmentalist without expecting a 
catastrophe to wake everyone up and change everything.

Her talk will be an attempt to imagine a way of being serene, active 
and steady as historic and ecological changes accelerate. Mills will 
do her best to inspire, inform and celebrate the wonderful folks that 
come to the Eco Conference to mix philosophy, humor and stories 
together and serve up some food for thought.

Youth Programs:

The backyard Eco Conference Youth Program sets this gathering apart 
from any other. Activities have been designed to capture the interest 
and involvement of the three groups. All young people, except for the 
tiniest babies are expected to be enrolled in Eco's Youth Programs 
for the duration of the conference. Unsupervised children are not 
permitted as they are not only at risk for themselves but lead to the 
disruption of planned activities.

Eco Youth 2000

Explore, explore, explore. 2000 Eco Conference Youth are in for fun 
and adventure.

Friday evening and night the youth will be responsible for checking 
in at our Arts and Crafts building. There they will Žnd out the 
weekends planned activities.

All youth are expected to be enrolled with the youth program. Young 
ones under 6 should be registered with our Earthcrawlers program. 
Earthcrawlers are supervised all day and parents are asked to 
dedicate half a day with the toddlers. Meals at Eco are times for 
everyone to eat together and share the day's experiences.

Every acre, every wetland and hillside will see the footprints of our 
group. Mystic Lake Camp is big so be ready to hike, play animal 
survival, build shelters, have campŽres, sing songs, draw, paint and 
sculpt. With a diverse age group, we will all work together to make 
sure everyone has fun. Sometimes there will be activities just for 
the more mature youth. And for the younger youth, high energy and 
creative programs will be played all day.

Youth programs conclude with the day's seminars and workshops. 
Saturday we will have an evening campŽre and Sunday concludes the 
weekend with a drum circle and song dedication.

Eco Youth Friend will be lead by Graham Hunting, with Karrie McLean 
and other Eco staff. If you are interested in playing with us or 
leading an activity call (517) 544-2844 or email huntingg@hotmail.com

Electronic Communications:

Email, the Internet, and Beyond -

Joseph Badura

Building on similar sessions offered in previous years, Joseph will 
offer one-on-one and small group assistance with negotiating the 
resources of the word wide web, establishing an email account and the 
basics of electronic communication. A sign-up sheet will be available 
at Registration to schedule times for individual assistance. Small 
group sessions will be offered throughout the weekend.

Eco Food:

The conference opens with a potluck supper Friday evening, so 
remember to bring a dish to pass. We'll supply beverages.

The Ecocooks have planned a delicious menu of natural foods, with an 
emphasis on whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables. Their 
creations are sure to please the eye as well as the palate.

Volunteer help is always appreciated in the kitchen; especially at 
the end of the conference for clean up!

Eco Auction:

The Eco Auction is an opportunity to bring something special to the 
Eco Conference to donate to help support the work of CACC. A silent 
auction will be held throughout the weekend, with individual items 
being auctioned off before the group. Previous "prizes" have included 
handmade cards, artwork, a water Žltration kit, composter and a bed 
and breakfast weekend.

All contributions donated for this purpose are, of course, tax 
deductible and will be acknowledged.

Eco Arts and Music:

Victor McManemy has been a feature of all of the past Eco 
Conferences. His songs are a call to action, whether describing the 
mistreatment of indigenous peoples or the abuse of our environment. 
It has been said that the waters of the Great	Lakes žow in the 
veins of the life-long Traverse area resident.

Tim Joseph sings the old songs along with some new ones. A founder 
and organizer of the Spirit of the Woods Music Festival, Tim has 
always had a love for the people's music. When not playing the guitar 
and banjo he's a stonemason and carpenter from the Manistee County 
town of Brethren.

Fine Arts Exhibit:

Gretchen Michaels will again be returning to provide another glimpse 
at the endless possibilities of integrating Fine Arts and 
Environmental Education.

This year we will all have a chance to explore the art of Batik. 
Gretchen will provide fabric, natural dyes and bees wax. These 
ancient art supplies are going to be transformed into scarves, ties, 
bandanas and sashes that will be used during our closing circle and 
then go home with each of us as a reminder of Backyard-Eco 2000.

As in past years, Gretchen Michaels is coordinating the collection 
and display of arts that celebrate the Earth through painting, 
sculpture, drawings, photograph, and writings. If you want to exhibit 
art at Eco, contact Gretchen at 248-628-7463 in the evening.

The Eco Fine Arts Program is partially underwritten by the generous 
support of the Wheatland Music Organization, Remus. They are the 
sponsors of the annual Wheatland Music Festival in September and the 
Traditional Arts weekend in May of each year.

Conference Schedule

Friday May 12

3:00 - 8:00	Registration

5:30 - 7:00	Potluck Dinner

(Please bring dish to pass!)

7:00 - 8:00	CACC's Annual Meeting

8:00 - 10:30	 Ed Lorenz: Pine River EPA Citizens Task Force

"Building a Strong Citizens' Group In a Polluted

Small Town"

10:30 -12:00	Informal Reception (Music, Socializing)

Victor McManemy, Tim Joseph and friends

Saturday May 13

7:00 - 8:30	Breakfast

8:30 - Noon Registration Continues

8:45 - 10:30 Dr. Patrick Rusz - How to Rebuild Habitat

and Wetlands in the Real World

10:45 - 11:45	Panel Discussion on nuclear issues in the

Great Lakes basin, including MOX transport lawsuit.

Noon - 1:00	Lunch

1:15 - 3:30 The Dow Project - Panel Discussion with

Ann Hunt, Tracey Easthope, Diane Hebert and Terry Miller.

3:45 - 5:00 Peter Dougherty "The U.S. Connection

Low Intensity Warfare in Chiapas, Mexico"

Alternate Group Discussion-AFD Issues, Citizen Organizing

5:00 - 6:30	Dinner

6:30 - 7:00	Free Time (Walk in the woods, visit, etc.)

7:00 - 7:30	Eco Awards Auction

7:30 - 9:30 Ronnie Dugger - Cofounder Alliance for Democracy: "Beyond 
Seattle/Building on Success"

9:30 - 1:00	Dance - Levi Rose and the Hookerman

(Blues & More)

Campfire Music with Victor, Tim & Friends

Sunday May 14

7:00 - 8:30	Breakfast

8:30 - 9:45	Freetime or Round table discussion -"State/National 
Update" w/Conference Speakers

10:00 - 10:30	Children's Presentation

10:30 - 11:15	Closing Speaker - Stephanie Mills "Continuing to 
Continue: Apocalypse When?"

Noon	Closing Circle - Pine Point

12:30 - 1:30	Lunch

1:30 - ?	Socialize, Clean up, Pack up, Departure



NOTE: 20% Discount on total for all first time adult Eco Registrants 
- Plus a Free Gift!


State/Province __________________Zip______
Telephone Day	( )____________________
Telephone Evening ( )____________________

List the persons registered with this form.:
Please give complete names and information on
each person. Attach additional sheet if needed.
Adult(M/F) Child Age	(M/F)
Name	                          Adult(M/F) Child Age	(M/F)
Name	                          Adult(M/F) Child Age	(M/F)
Name	                          Adult(M/F) Child Age	(M/F)

Conference Fees:

Adult Registration 50.00 x	= $________

Student (with ID) 25.00 x	=$________

Youth Program	25.00 x	=$________


Meal Pass - 5 meals 25.00 x	=$________

Single Meal Ticket	5.50 x	=$________

Child's Meal Pass	12.00 x	=$________

Single Child's Meal	3.00 x	=$________

(Child 8-14, free below 8, 15 + adult


Cabin (per person)	20.00 x =$_______

Rough camping (tent /site) 5.00 =$_______

Name	Adult(M/F) Child Age	(M/F)

RV Parking (no hookups) /site 7.50 =$_______

[ ] Reservation for Technical Tree Climbing (limit 6 adults)

CACC Membership

Individual	25.00	$_______

Family	30.00	$_______

Organization	50.00	$_______

Donation	$_______

Total Amount	$_______

Send with your check made out to CACC to:

Eco Conference Registrar
564 Parkway
Gladwin, MI 48624

Full refunds granted prior to May 5, No refunds thereafter.

Early Registration Bonus! - All adult registrations postmarked by May 
5 will receive a Backyard Eco Conference tote bag featuring the CACC 
logo. Registrants after that date will have the opportunity to 
purchase a bag at Eco.

Attention College Students - A discounted registration: fee and free 
camping is offered to students with college/ university 
identiŽcation. Please bring you ID with you to the conference to 
conŽrm your discount.

Scholarships - A limited number of work scholarships are available. 
Call the Eco Registrar at 517-426-5540 (evenings) for details.

Eco Registrar:
Karen Freel Klein
(517) 426-5540
E-Mail: kfklein@voyager.net



8735 Maple Grove Road

Lake, MI 48632-9511

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