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First-Ever Environmental Baseball Card is Unveiled at Opening Day
Senator Abraham: Is He Striking Out on the Environment?
Sierra Club urges Detroit Tiger Fans to decide for themselves

DETROIT - Dozens of Sierra Club volunteers joined thousands of baseball fans turning out to welcome the Detroit Tigers to Comerica Park today. The environmental group brought along something new of its own to unveil at the brand new stadium environmental baseball cards. The inaugural baseball card features U.S. Senator Spencer Abraham, who struck out on the environment 100% of the time last year on significant environmental votes.

"This is a great day to celebrate. Comerica Park is bringing new vitality to downtown Detroit and Opening Day is ushering in spring and summer, when we'll soon be enjoying Michigan's great outdoors from the beaches of Lake St. Clair to the forests and rivers of Northern Michigan," commented Judy Thompson, chairperson for the Michigan Sierra Club's public education campaign. "Where better to get out and talk to people who care about the environment than baseball's opening day?"

Michigan residents expect their leaders to be pitching for the environment, not striking out on the environment. In recent polling, Michigan residents overwhelmingly support strong enforcement of strong laws to protect our
environment. "Sierra Club volunteers are bringing thousands of baseball cards to share with fans because the people of Michigan deserve to know the stats on where our public officials really stand on protecting clean
water, clean air and our natural heritage," explained Steve Walker of Sierra Club's Southeast Michigan Group.

With a lifetime score of 7% from the League of Conservation Voters, for his environmental voting record in the U.S. Senate, Senator Spencer Abraham has one of the very worst strike out records on the environment of any member of Michigan's team in Washington, D.C. This made him the clear #1 choice to be showcased on the Michigan Sierra Club's inaugural baseball card. Note: The average of environmental scores for Michigan's 2 U.S. Senators and 16 Members of Congress for 1999 was 49%.

The Abraham baseball cards summarize Sen. Abraham's record on the environment: he switch-hits -- says he cares about the environment but then votes against it; throws curveballs on protecting our forests, parks and wild places; strikes out on protecting peoples' right to know about pollution in their air and water; and garners sponsorships -- campaign funding -- from big polluters like oil and chemical companies who regularly support efforts to roll back clean air and water laws.

"Senator Abraham must not be allowed to greenwash his record," said Alison Horton, Michigan Sierra Club's director. "Everyone in Michigan is entitled to know what he's really doing on the environment in Washington
voting against clean water, against our Great Lakes heritage, against our parks and forests, and for polluter welfare. In fact, during his first five years in the U.S. Senate, Abraham cast pro-environment votes only 3 times
out of 51 significant environmental votes tracked."

The Abraham baseball card tells people who care about the environment what they can do to help. The Sierra Club is urging them to contact Sen. Abraham at his Southeast Michigan office at (248) 350-0510 and ask him to vote for clean water, not against it, in upcoming budget bills to protect Michigan's water quality.

Sierra Club volunteers have come to Comerica Park from Detroit, Macomb County, Flint, Livingston County, Lansing, Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids. A copy of the baseball card and accompanying documentation are available
from the Sierra Club office in Lansing at (517) 484-2372. The Sierra Club, the nation's largest grassroots environmental organization, is working to protect our environment for our families and for our future.


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