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E-M:/ MOSES Lansing Rally and press clips. (5 items)

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Transit funding has gotten good press the last two days, and we can expect some coverage of MOSES' successful rally attended by some 300 activists from all over Michigan.
Two supportive Detroit Free Press clips follow as well as the "world according to Jim DeSANA," in a Detroit News Interview,  follow our rally write-up. Incidentally Jim is still refusing to meet with MOSES. Call him at 888.296-4JIM (4546); and ask him why he meets with road builders but not the ultimate consumers who elect his boss.

Join us Monday April 17 , 7 pm at the Swords into Plowshares Gallery and Peace Center at 45 E ADAMS, on Grand Circus Park, Detroit.
Come hear Sen. Joe Young and  Carmine Palombo of SEMCOG. Let's keep the momentum going!

1. Sen Joe Young's Statement on the MOSES visit
To Be Printed in the Journal of the Senate
April 12, 2000

Mr. President, I rise to make a statement.

I am honored today to welcome community activists from Metropolitan Organizing Strategies Enabling Strength, or MOSES. MOSES is a faith-based organization created by churches in Detroit and its suburbs. Its goal is to bring people together to address community needs.

Today they have traveled to the state capitol to impress upon us the need for public transportation. Hundreds of people have come today to tell us how significant public transportation is in their lives. Many rely upon buses to get to work, to the doctor's office, to pick up groceries and prescriptions, and for social outings. Others ride the bus because they have to: either they cannot afford cars or they cannot drive due to a physical disability. Some choose to ride the bus because it is more efficient than trying to drive during rush hour, or because they believe it is important to use public transportation to help reduce air pollution. Public transportation is not "just for the poor."

We cherish our mobility. Most of us in this chamber drive from our districts to Lansing several times a week. We take for granted the ability to travel where we want, when we want.

Many of our constituents do not share this freedom, however. Physical disabilities can hinder someone's ability to drive. Many older people prefer not to drive if they have another option. Owning, maintaining and insuring a car can be an overwhelming expense for families on the brink of economic survival. Many reasons can contribute to an individual's inability to drive.

Public transportation helps us get people on the road to better lives, literally. Since this body has vigorously endorsed moving people from welfare to work, we must now help them get to those jobs. We want our parents to exercise their independence and they deserve to have confidence in a safe and reliable public transportation system. We must enable our children to take advantage of educational and cultural activities, and safe, reliable transportation is the key. We want our economy to continue to prosper, and for many workers, safe and reliable transportation is again the most important element.

Today I urge that my colleagues join MOSES in Room 402 of the Capitol from noon to 1 p.m. to hear these individuals talk about why they use public transportation and how they believe the system could be improved. It is an honor that they have taken time away from their jobs, their families and other interests to be here today. I encourage each of us to return the favor by stopping by to listen to their testimony.

I request that my statement be printed in the Journal.

Senator Joseph F. Young, Jr.

First District, State of Michigan

MOSES gathered about 300 people in Lansing today to meet with legislators, meet with MDOT officials and staff, and then conduct a Citizens Hearing on Public Transportation. Room 402 in the State Capital was standing room only with additional citizens in the hallway for the hearing. MOSES asked our legislators to: As noted above with Sen Joe Young's statement, there was support and understanding.
2. Pre rally write-up in yesterday's Free PRESS, by Jeff Gerritt
Transit fund cut sparks rally
Groups say they are shut out in spending debate

3. Pro transit editorial in today's Free Press - sorry their website is down - go to voices  for 20000412 and look for 10% transit funding headline.

4. Jim DeSANA interview in Detroit NEWS

Pick the most distressing sound bite and tell Mr. DeSana what you think. Call him at 1.888.296.4JIM or email him at desanaj@mdot.state.mi.us. Be sure to copy the press on your comments! Remember  DeSana is just taking orders from Gov. Engler . . . .Maybe itís time for a change.

5. ADDRESS CORRECTION for May 3 Woodward Corridor Meetings
afternoon and evening.
The Northeast Corner of Woodward (not Warren) and Forest. Caught by an alert outstate list reader. SORRY.

Karen D. Kendrick-Hands
Air Policy Director,
East Michigan Environmental Action Council
Co-founder, Transportation Riders United
1067 Devonshire Road
Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230
313.885.7588, fax 313.885.7883

Check out TRU's web page at http://www.marp.org/tru.htm
Try the Motranzit site, too - http://www.hometown.aol.com/motranzit

If you don't ask the right questions, you will never get to the right answers . . .