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E-M:/ Saplings/Clearcuts vs. protected habitat areas on State Forest

Enviro-Mich message from Tim Flynn <timf@mac.com>


A friend asked me to look at the amount of proposed "old growth", or
protected native habitat, on State Forest land.  I've just come up with some
figures from the DNR's own database, which was current as of the fall of
last year.

As a surrogate for clearcuts I asked the database for all stands with year
of origin since 1960, that are also in the sapling class (trees less than 5
inches in diameter).  This gives stands that are most likely clearcut since
1960.  Almost all of these stands are "so called" aspen stands.

Here's the numbers:

Officially proposed "old growth", i.e. marked in database with the correct
field indicator.

 Total Acres mark as proposed old growth           122,122
      Acres with trees on them mark OG              95,718

Acres clearcut, (sapling, origin since 1960)

That's NINE times as many clearcuts as acres proposed to be protected as
native Michigan habitat!!!!!

The "timber mandate" will add to this disparity.  This mandate is currently
being pushing through the legislative process in the Senate, it's main
cheerleader is Senator McManus of Traverse City.

Call them now folks, Senators that is, and let them know what you think!

Tim Flynn

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