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E-M:/ DR. PAUL CONNETT IN HAMTRAMCK- Entertaining and Informative

Enviro-Mich message from RobC313@aol.com

National expert on incinerators and public health risks PAUL CONNETT  
presents, "A MISMATCH BETWEEN PROBLEM AND SOLUTION" in Hamtramck May 6th.

WHEN:     Saturday May 6th 2000 4:30 till 7:00 PM  

WHERE:  Peoples Community Services at 8625 Jos Campau Hamtramck.  (five 
blocks south of Holbrook and across from the park.)

Dr. Paul Connett a leading expert on incineration, waste management, dioxin 
and the risks to public health, will be speaking about the dangers of waste 
incineration in Hamtramck, on May 6. Hamtramck is home to the City Medical 
Waste incinerator, which burns 28 tons of medical waste per day. 

" We're very fortunate to have such a recognized expert come to Hamtramck," 
said Rob Cedar of the Hamtramck Environmental Action Team (HEAT). " Dr 
Connett understands the problems a community like Hamtramck faces when they 
are the home to one incinerator and downwind from others."

We live in the Great Lake State yet our fish are not safe to eat due to 
dioxins and mercury. Our neighborhoods are awash in toxins because of our 
reliance on incineration in SE Michigan. By the time a child begins to talk 
it has already received more than a lifetime "safe dose" of dioxins

Dr. Connett is Professor of Chemistry at St Lawrence University in New York.  
He has conducted educational forums on incineration and waste management 
throughout the United States and in more than 40 countries. Dr. Connett is an 
engaging speaker and recipient of numerous awards.  "Paul Connett is the only 
person I know who can make waste interesting" says consumer advocate and 
Green Party Presidential candidate Ralph Nader.

Residents have long expressed concern about the City Medical Waste 
incinerator in Hamtramck. The incinerator is under its fifth owner in 9 years 
and is currently out of compliance with a local ordinance spearheaded by 
Council President Phillip Kwik and unanimously passed by the council.  Kwik 
created the ordinance largely in response to the state's relaxation of the 
incinerator's mercury permit after tests proved it could not meet its 
original mercury emission permit limits.

Hamtramck is also within a few miles of the Detroit municipal waste 
incinerator and the Henry Ford Hospital incinerator. Henry Ford Health 
Systems have recently announced that they will be closing the Henry Ford 
Hospital incinerator in favor of a safer disposal alternative.  They have 
stated community pressure was key to that decision.  

The City Medical Waste incinerator became the only commercial medical 
incinerator in Michigan when another of similar design in Grand Rapids was 
closed after failing its stack tests six times in a row.  Recently several 
other hospital-owned medical waste incinerators have been scheduled to close 
as administrators choose safer non-incineration methods for waste disposal. 

Dr Connett is a recognized expert in waste management, incineration and 
public health effects from incinerator emissions. He is widely published and 
has on numerous occasions provided sworn testimony protecting the rights of 
individuals and communities.

This event is sponsored by the Hamtramck Environmental Action Team (HEAT) in 
cooperation with the Ecology Center, SE MI Sierra Club, National Wildlife 
Federation, National Lawyers Guild/ Sugar Law Center,  Detroiters Working For 
Environmental Justice, Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition, American 
Lung Association, Access, Clean Air Please, Clean Water Action/ Clean Water 
Fund, Wayne County Commissioner Jewel Ware and Health Care Without Harm an 
international coalition of more then 250 organizations working to clean up 
the medical waste stream.

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