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E-M:/ new site: pollutioncalculator.org

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Subject: new site: pollutioncalculator.org 
Author:  Deborah Anderson <DJAnderson@ELPC.org> at Internet
Date:    4/20/00 3:23 PM

Dear Sierra colleagues:
This is Deb Anderson Andraca from the Environmental Law and Policy Center of 
the Midwest (http://www.elpc.org).  I wanted to let you know about a new web 
site we have created to help you in your advocacy work, and to ask for your 
help in spreading the word.
The interactive site, www.pollutioncalculator.org, calculates how much 
pollution is in the energy you use every day.  You enter in your monthly 
utility bill, pick your utility, and the calculator shows you how much carbon 
dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and sulfur dioxide you create, translated into car 
trips, trees planted, and other terms people can understand.  We also have 
really basic explanations of what these and other pollutants do to our 
environment and links for more information.  We hope this will be helpful to 
you, especially in your work on electricity deregulation/ environmental 
We would appreciate it if you could help us get the word out on this site. 
Would you please link to it on your web pages, and if you have a newsletter 
would you include an article on pollutioncalculator.org?  I've included text 
from our press release below that you can use for the article and edit as 
you wish.  
Thank you very much.  Your feedback and comments are most welcome, too!
Best wishes,
Deb Andraca
p.s.: if you're a webmaster and you don't have a link to www.elpc.org, would 
you mind adding that one, too?  Thanks.
New Online Calculator Adds Up Your Pollution Contribution
Web Site Reveals How Much Pollution Is In the Electricity You Use Every Day
Sure, you recycle.  Maybe you've even planted a few trees for Earth Day. 
But did you know that you dump hundreds of pounds of pollution into the 
environment every year just by flipping your light switch?  
Your energy bill reveals much more than the price of electricity.  It also 
contains a hidden cost - pollution in our environment.  A new web site, 
pollutioncalculator.org, will reveal just how much pollution is in the 
electricity you use every day, and what you can do about it.
Pollutioncalculator.org, sponsored by the Environmental Law and Policy 
Center of the Midwest, enables you to enter how much you pay per month for 
electricity, choose your electricity company, and calculate how much 
pollution you produce.  
For example, for a household with an average bill of $78.99, if your 
electric company is Illinois Power, you produce 19,432 pounds of carbon 
dioxide each year, the "greenhouse gas" that causes global warming.  You 
would have to plant 19,432 trees to make up for that much pollution!  This 
same household would also produce 76 pounds of smog-causing nitrogen oxide. 
You would have to drive 23,030 miles to produce that much pollution.  That's 
almost one trip around the world!
"Pollutioncalculator.org is designed to help people understand where their 
electricity comes from, and how much pollution it causes," said Howard 
Learner, executive director of the Environmental Law and Policy Center. 
"Soon customers will be able to choose their own electricity company, and 
many will offer a cleaner alternative.  Pollutioncalculator.org will help 
them understand why it's so important that we choose clean energy for our 
health and our environment."
For more information, go to www.pollutioncalculator.org 
<http://www.pollutioncalculator.org> or call the Environmental Law and 
Policy Center, 312-759-3400.  The Environmental Law and Policy Center is a 
non-profit environmental advocacy organization based in Chicago.  For more 
information on ELPC see http://www.elpc.org or www.midwestenvironment.org 
Deborah Anderson Andraca
Director of Public Affairs
Environmental Law and Policy Center
phone:  312-759-3400  web: www.elpc.org

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