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>>Subject: DAILY GRIST, April 20, 2000
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>>April 20, 2000
>>News summaries from GRIST MAGAZINE
>>A number of state environmental officials who have chafed under 
>>tough federal air quality regulations plan to meet in Michigan next 
>>week with executives of polluting industries to discuss how 
>>environmental standards might be loosened if George W. Bush wins 
>>the presidency.  The gathering is being organized by Michigan's top 
>>environmental official, Russ Harding, who reports to Michigan Gov. 
>>John Engler (R), a big Bush backer.  Most of the invited state 
>>officials are from Republican administrations in Midwestern and 
>>Southern states.  Representatives from several generally pro-Bush 
>>trade associations also plan to attend, on behalf of the oil, 
>>utility, paper, and auto industries.  Ken Cook, president of 
>>Environmental Working Group, criticized what he called "a secret 
>>meeting to plot dirtier air."  The session could damage Bush's 
>>efforts to portray himself as an environmental moderate.
>>straight to the source:  Washington Post, John Mintz, 04.20.00
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