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E-M:/ BAD Recreation Lakes Legislation Introduced: "National Recreation Lakes Act - HR 4299"

Enviro-Mich message from Doug Cornett <drcornet@up.net>


Here's a piece of legislation that will potentially expand the Fee Demo
program in the Huron-Manistee NF.  It will also add the Fee Demo program to
lands controlled by the Army Corps of Engineers and Bureau of Reclamation.
Thanks to Scott Silver of Wild Wilderness for compiling this excellent

Doug Cornett
Northwoods Wilderness Recovery 

The American Recreation Coalition recently announced the introduction of
their latest wreckreation legislation to be known as the "National
Recreation Lakes Act - HR 4299" (www.funoutdoors.com)

This is legislation we have been expecting and is, as far as we are
concerned, the best example of ARC's efforts to commercialize, privatize and
motorize recreational opportunities on America's public lands.

The legislation can be found at Thomas

Highlights of the bill include:

1) Expanding the Recreation Fee-Demo Authority to include the Army Corps and
Bureau of Reclamation.

2) Establishing a National Recreation Lakes Demonstration Program of up to
20 lakes (to start).

3) Managing these publicly owned lakes and surrounding lands by a "Council"
comprised of federal, state, local and private interests.

4) Providing $1,000,000 per lake in federal funding for "marketing" and
related activities, plus an additional $2,000,000 to coordinate the program.

5) Encouraging the private sector to intensively develop these lakes and
surrounding lands for what can only be called "industrial strength

Quoting from the legislation:


(1) IN GENERAL- Subject to paragraph (2), the head of a
participating Federal lake management agency may conduct at a
National Demonstration Lake managed by the agency any activity to
experiment with fees, concessions agreements, and innovative
management structures, notwithstanding any requirement or
restriction under any other law.

participating Federal lake management agency may not conduct any
activity under this subsection unless the activity enhances
opportunities for recreation activities that occur on a National
Demonstration Lake managed by the agency or other recreation
activities that occur in proximity to such a lake.


The Bill was introduced on April 13, 2000 by Rep. Deal (R-GA). It has no
cosponsors at this time. This is a key piece of legislation for the American
Recreation Coalition and your support in keeping this monster bottled up
will be greatly appreciated.


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