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E-M:/ R. Nader in Detroit Monday May 1st

Enviro-Mich message from Harold Stokes <hstokes@hermes.bignet.net>

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Try not to miss Ralph Nader's visit to Detroit.  He will be at St. Andrew's
Hall at 12:30 pm on Monday 1.  St. Andrew's Hall is located at 431 E.
Congress in downtown Detroit a few blocks east of Woodward Avenue.  Nader
is very seriously running as a nominee for the Green Party as a candidate
for President of the U.S.  Laborers, environmentalists and social activists
will be inspired by his incisive analysis showing that major corporations
have no interest in the concerns and needs of most people other than
exploiting their labor and talents,   of closing down small businesses, of
ignoring working conditions and the environment, of destroying democracy in
the process and the necessity to take action to stop it.

By working together we can take control over corpoations who were initially
chartered to serve the people.  Please let others know where and when Nader
will be in Detroit this coming Monday.

Thank you,



Did you get this?

Dear Friend of Labor:

Thank you for your message.  Ralph Nader is not going to meet with the
News and Free Press.  Indeed, Ralph Nader fought against the merger over

a decade ago and the Public Citizen Litigation Group brought a lawsuit
against these entities.  We are well aware of the poor labor relations
of the papers and this hard-fought struggle.  The Nader 2000
Presidential Campaign is going to Detroit, MI and Madison, WI   on May
1 precisely to highlight labor issues.  Ralph Nader has a four-decade
record of promoting safe working environments, fighting for worker
rights here and abroad, promoting labor law reform, and leading the
forces against the WTO/NAFTA.  We stand with labor.  The question is, of
course, does labor stand with Ralph Nader?

Thank you for your interest in the campaign.  Please join Ralph in
Detroit or in Madison on May 1 and visit our website at

Theresa Amato
Campaign Manager
Nader 2000

"There can be no daily democracy without daily citizenship."
     -- Ralph Nader

Paid for by the Nader 2000 Primary Committee, Inc.
P.O. Box 18002, Washington, D.C. 20036

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