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Re: E-M:/ Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Fair- May 7, 2000

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Enviro-Mich message from "Mike Kelly"<mnkelly@provide.net>

Attention:  Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Fair Announcement

Michigan Governor John Engler declares Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) Week

That is like having Jeffrey Dahmer being the national chair for "Hospitality Month"

And since Engler seems intent on figuring out some cover using the MESB for
"relaxing" environmental remediation requirements covering indoor
air pollution risk and environmental cleanup requirements....it seems to be
a pretty poor fit for the MCS movement, doesn't it?

There is also the big matter of Engler opposing EPA's revised health standards
and air cleanup plans and his current whoring for the electric utility industry.

Then, of course, there are the current Dept. of Community Health ads that
confuse the fish contamination issue even more with the public.....I guess
that fetus poisoning is OK with Big John.   And with big John's efforts to
keep slob farmers who discharge animal waste to lakes, streams and
groundwater from permit liabilities and to keep these threats to public
health coddled under the non-enforcement wing of the Michigan Department
of  Agriculture, I guess you can also say that John Engler is a big fan
of trading risk to public health from cryptosporidium (sp?) water contamination for
political support from agriculture and the Farm Bureau.

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