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E-M:/ farm tax legislation

The recent edition of Dairy Farm Midwest has an article "Michigan Ag Relief Legislation could save Farmers Millions".  Anne Wiowode said Sierra club is supportive but would like to see the language to make sure farmers are given a tax break, but ensure that there is something in the law that ensures the land will be kept for ag usage.
How much information has the Sierra Club received regarding this piece of legislation.  At our last township meeting our SEMCOG representative said that SEMCOG was concerned that the legislation being drafted has been done primarily by developers. MTA,MML and farm groups have not been involved with this land use legislation.
Yet the article in this paper suggests that "a powerful group of farm advocates,lawmakers. and environmentalist determined to help the state's floundering farmers have forged a coalition to try and save them millions of dollars in property taxes.....
This sounds successful but contradicts what I perceived from our SEMCOG rep. as being a flimsy package of land use legislation that would sound good but deliver little substantial benefits.  Just Engler talk, nothing with bite.
Am I wrong, please tell me yes!