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E-M:/ McManus land grabbers bill

Enviro-Mich message from "Robert Browne" <truegreen@cernunnos.org>


First, let me just say that pattry cantrell has done an outstanding job once again of cutting through the political fluff and defining the essence of the Mcmanus land grabbers protection act.  Kudos to patty!

Second, in the spirit of politics and their love of acronyms, I submit a few for your review in reference to the McManus package:

TURD:  Terra Urban Recking Document
CRAPO: Conspiracy to violate the Rights of All the People who own the Outdoors
CRIME: Corruption and Racketeering In violation of Michigan's Environment
SELL-OUT: Selling the Environment to Landdevelopers and their Lackeys in spite of Our United Testimony

(These aren't that good but then again, I'm not a poet...)

Here's the quote of the day:
[We stand] today poised on a pinnacle of wealth and power, yet we live in a land of vanishing beauty, of increasing ugliness, of shrinking open space and of an overall environment that is diminished daily by pollution and noise and blight.  This, in brief, is the quiet conservation crisis.

-Stewart L Udall, former US Secretary of the Interior

Have a great day and remember that what you do will be borne by our children and their children.

-Robert Browne

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