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E-M:/ Sustainable Cities Symposium for Kalamazoo

Enviro-Mich message from Dave DeRight <deright@net-link.net>

Passing along program info on a wonderful presentation planned for next
week here in Kalamazoo.

Some of you may know of some helpful resources for the presenters in
implementing their proposals.  If so, please contact Dr. Reynolds at:

Dave DeRight
Region 4 Director
League of Michigan Bicyclists


Presented by the Spring, 2000 Environmental Studies Seminar, Kalamazoo
Dr. Heather Reynolds, Instructor,

Olmsted Room, Wednesday, May 31st, 7-10 pm
(Olmsted Room is on the 2nd floor of the Mandelle Building, on Academy
Street directly across from Dalton Theatre - K College campus)

As centers of population density, cities can (indeed must) play a vital
role in preserving open space and leading the way in sustainable use of
the Earth’s resources.  Unfortunately, decreasing livability of cities
and mass production of the automobile, among other factors, have led to
the urban blight and suburban sprawl that are wreaking environmental and

social havoc across the country.  Cities can, however, be exciting and
beautiful places to live that are economically and environmentally
sustainable and true centers of community.  The City of Kalamazoo
includes many citizens, officials, and groups working towards such a
vision.  Please join us for an inspirational evening of student
proposals for continued sustainable development of Kalamazoo.

Introduction:  Heather Reynolds (7:00-7:10 pm)

Green Space & Urban Agriculture (7:10-7:58 pm)

Greenspace:  A Bioremediation of the Schipper's Crossing Brownfield
Site                    Andrea Augustine
Growing Together:  Bringing Community Gardens into the Community
                                Daniel Goodman
Alternate/Second Location for Bank Street Farmers Market in Downtown
Kalamazoo               Lacey S. Von Deak
The Farmers' Market Migration: Fostering Good Community Life with
Homegrown Food  Noah Dudley Dillard

Brownfield & Blighted Land Redevelopment (8:00-8:24 pm)

Sustainable Student Housing:  A Proposal for K College & Downtown
Kalamazoo               Brandon Sprague
Community-Focussed Redevelopment of the Kalamazoo Sanitarium &
Surrounding Area        Rob Feigal-Stickles

Building Community (8:30-8:54 pm)

A Community-Based Food Market: A Proposal for the Northside of Kalamazoo

                Kimberly Drew
The Kalamazoo Mural Project
Elizabeth Reiter

Sustainable Transportation (8:58-9:34 pm)

Bringing Back the Bricks of Historic Downtown Kalamazoo
Alternative Transportation & the College Communities of Kalamazoo
                        Allison Brown
Establishing A Volunteer Community Bicycling Recycling Program for
Kalamazoo               Chris Wrobel

Education for Sustainability & A Sense of Place (9:36-10:00 pm)

A City Appreciation Program
Jessica Yorko
Education for Sustainability: Fostering Environmental Education in
Kalamazoo Public Schools        Darcy Schonfeld

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