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E-M:/ Detnews on Outdoor Retailing

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

Lots of environmental stuff in Michigan's two major daily papers today....

The Detroit News business section has an article
about Michigan robust outdoor retailing


I'd say this bit of economic activity is directly related to
the spectacular natural resources of this state that
John Engler and company spend their time degrading
and mismanaging and misunderstanding.    For example, in their eyes it is more
important to promote high concentration factory agriculture
and to pursue kid gloves/soft touch treatment for
agricultural polluters than it is to promote viable rural
communities and high quality air and water resources.

Note that Engler's tourist promotion efforts can't ever seem
to get beyond light houses and golf courses in their main
promotion themes.

PS...the article didn't mention the old standard and my
personal favorite for their "family" emphasis and their
support for outdoor education  (i.e. MUCC's TV program)...
....and that is Jay's Sporting Goods near Clare.

Also in detnews,  E. Coli and waste in the Raison River
and at Sterling State Park in Monroe County




Then there is the shocking Freep story on how animal waste
getting into drinking water supplies is suspected as the cause
of 5 deaths and 700 illnesses in a small town not far from
Port Huron in Ontario



In the Freep, there is an article about naturally occurring arsenic in 
drinking water.   They actually called Mike Harbut in Southfield
a pathologist when he is actually an occupational and environmental
medicine physician....why can't the press get these things right.   In any
event, the article did chide those Oakland County government
politicians for misleading the public about this problem and its
potential health effects.   If we can't trust those "white coat guys"
in the health department to tell the truth because they knuckle
under to the politicians, who can we trust??


There's also an article about lake levels in Oakland county and
potential drought problems on recreation


And then there is the "cheap shot" from Al Almy of the
Michigan Farm Bureau and Senator "what's his name's"
campaign staff against Rep. Debbie Stabenow for her
vote to keep annual review on China trade over their
human rights violations.   It seems that Almy wants to
sell more agricultural goods and to ignore China's
policies on human rights (something that, amazingly,
both right win and left wing ideologues now agree on
as being very offensive)... ...    well I guess that
is parr for the course on a farm organization like
Michigan Farm Bureau that believes the U.S. Voting
Rights Act should be repealed and whose subsidiary
spread poly brominated biphenyl around the state
in animal feed years ago.


Finally,  there is the story about how the U.S. Government
lied about health effects from weapons plants over three decades


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