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E-M:/ State Forest old growth meeting

Enviro-Mich message from anne.woiwode@sfsierra.sierraclub.org


Some may have noticed the DNR Calendar, followed by a revised DNR Calendar
within a day forwarded to E-M by Rita Jack.  If you look at the revision,
turns out the Calendar includes the first public notice about a
meeting of the DNR Old Growth Team since 1994.  At the last
Natural Resources Commission meeting members of the Mackinaw Forest Council
in the northern lower asked that the process be opened up so the public
could participate, or at least have a clue about what is going on.  Since
adoption of an old growth policy by the NRC in 1994 no public meetings have
been held, although there have been repeated assurances that in fact there
would be some soon.  So thanks appears due to the NRC or the director, at
least in part, for acting on this request!

The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday June 6th at the Howard Johnson's in
St. Ignace, but there is no detail on when or how long, etc.  Contact Rich
Hausler at the DNR for info (we've got requests for an agenda and will try
to post it in advance) -- contact Rick at hauslerr@state.mi.us or call

For some background on this issue, the Sierra Club hopes to have posted by
mid-week next week on our webpage a complete copy of the report Mackinaw
Forest Council provided to the NRC.  Also, while the access to the meetings
is a big step and we hope there will finally be a chance to actually learn
what the status of the DNR's internal process is, there is and continues to
be cutting going on in stands that should be set aside until the old growth
process is completed.  So there is still a role to be played by the upper
echelon of the DNR to address concerns raised.

Anne Woiwode

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