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E-M:/ Macomb Daily Article on saving farmland

There is an interesting article in today's Macomb Daily (Macomb County, MI) about the legislation introduced to establish an Agriculture Preservation Fund.
It states in the article that in 1960 there was 150,000 acres of farmland in Macomb County and now there is only 60,000 acres. The loss of 90,000 acres of fertile farmland is something that will never be reversed. Macomb County is losing farmland, wetlands, woods and open space at an alarming pace and the numbers in this article point that out loud and clear. We need to do more then simply keep track of the numbers of acres lost to development.
Kathleen Bolton
Macomb Land Conservancy
PO Box 332
Romeo, MI 48065
Phone/Fax 810.784.5848