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E-M:/ Transportation Reform in the Auto State

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May 31

Transportation Reform in the Auto State


Ill-conceived highway proposals are falling like dominoes in Michigan, the prospect for an increase in public transit funding has never been better, and Build/Pave Michigan III is facing a bumpy road in the legislature.

This is cause for celebration! How often do you read about the environmental movement achieving sustained victories?

Unneeded new highways foul our air and water, consume open space, trigger sprawl, weaken downtowns, and promote more driving.

The Michigan Land Use Institute and the Michigan Environmental Council are directing a statewide coalition of transportation and land use groups interested in reforming state transportation planning. We're promoting world-class public transit, road maintenance before new construction, and local control over state transportation proposals.

Slowly but surely, we're winning. And, of course, there's plenty more to do. If you would like to find out more about our efforts, and consider joining the Coalition, click here:

Also, on May 29, The Detroit News took a major swipe at Governor Engler's Build Michigan III plan to grab nearly $50 million a year from the state's rainy day fund to build new roads:

Building Better Michigan Roads? http://detnews.com/EDITPAGE/0005/29/edit2/edit2.htm

And, you've read the "quiche quote". Here's the whole pie...
The Detroit News, also on Memorial Day, ran a long article documenting how conservationists are winning at stopping unneeded new highways across Michigan. The News also featured an article on the demise of the proposed 100-mile U.S. 23 re-routing.

New freeways stall in state
Sprawl, environment concerns stymie plans

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