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Is there anything new on Senate Bill1235?  Did it get passed or is it still
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> April 21, 2000
> CONTACT: Senator Gary Peters
>   (517) 373-7888
>  (LANSING) - In honor of Earth Day, State Senator Gary Peters
> (D-Bloomfield Twp.) will introduce legislation which will require
> Michigan to protect smaller wetlands on public lands that are not
> currently being protected by the Department of Environmental Quality
> (DEQ).
>   "Large or small, wetlands are valuable not just as natural features,
> but also because they provide vital benefits to society with essential
> value," said Peters.  "Because of the significant impact on fishing,
> wildlife and the Great Lakes, our wetlands can play a vital role in the
> economy in Michigan."
>  Senate Bill 1235 closes a loophole from legislation passed in 1980 that
> exempts small "noncontiguous" wetlands from state protection.  According
> to a 1996 Department of Natural Resources scientific study, Michigan has
> well over 350 small wetlands which are not under protection of the DEQ.
> The DEQ has failed to act on the 1996 study. Peters fears that if not
> protected, road-building and other publically-funded projects may harm
> these small but valuable wetlands.
>  The bill is supported by the Michigan Environmental Council (MEC).
> "This bill is an important step in protecting more than 100 of
> Michigan's valuable wetlands," said Lana Pollack, President of the MEC.
> "We commend Senator Peters for his leadership.  His bill reflects the
> best science we have on areas that are important for clean water, flood
> control, and biological diversity."
>  "In terms of environmental policy, protecting all of Michigan's
> wetlands must be one of our top priorities," said Peters.  "This
> legislation will ensure the protection of some of Michigan's most
> valuable resources for years to come."

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