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E-M:/ Vermillennium Registration Flyer electronic version

Enviro-Mich message from Mary Appelhof <mappelho@madison.tdsnet.com>

Here is the latest information on the Vermillennium  which gives
details on registering, housing, training sessions, scientific
sessions, field trips, other social activities. Please feel free to
forward or have people request printed copies. It's now on our
website at http://www.wormwoman.com/vermillennium.html  If you want
to register, we encourage you to print out the PDF fille from the
website and FAX or send it in. This email version doesn't hold the
Look forward to hearing from you!

Mary Appelhof

      "Merging the best  from science and industry."

INFORMATION AND REGISTRATION FORM  (Circular 4-electronic version)

WHEN: September 16-22, 2000 * Kalamazoo, Michigan USA *
WEBSITE: http://www.wormwoman.com/vermillennium.html

COORDINATOR: Mary Appelhof
Flowerfield Enterprises
10332 Shaver Road
Kalamazoo, MI 49024 USA
PH: 616-327-0108       FAX:616-327-7009

Dr. Clive Edwards
Dept. of Entomology
Ohio State University
1735 Neil Hall
Columbus, OH 43210-1220
PH: 614-292-3786
FAX: 614-688-4222
email: soilecol@osu.edu

BACKGROUND: The twenty years since the pivotal conference, "The Role
of Earthworms in the Stabilization of Organic Residues," held in
Kalamazoo, Michigan USA in 1980, have seen important developments in
vermicomposting and vermiculture. Vermiculture and vermicomposting
involve breeding earthworms to provide populations and biomass, and
using them for converting organic waste into plant growth media.

Significant developments in vermiculture and vermicomposting since
then have included:

	* Engineered large-scale vermicomposting systems
	* Enhanced production of plants using vermicompost
	* Systems for turning wastes into nutrient-rich media to enhance
	        agricultural production and reduce fertilizer input and costs
	* Field applications of vermicompost to increase crop production
	* Evidence of pathogen reduction in biosolids with vermicomposting
	* Production of pharmaceuticals utilizing earthworm biomass
	* Understanding microbiological relationships in earthworm system

TWO SESSIONS OFFERED: The Vermillennium offers two distinct sessions,
Vermicomposting Training
  and Scientific Sessions with field trips in between.

LOCATION:  Kalamazoo, Michigan, is midway between Detroit, Michigan,
and Chicago, Illinois, about an hour's drive from Lake Michigan. The
Battle Creek/Kalamazoo International Airport (AZO) has frequent
connections between major hubs in Detroit, Chicago. Bus and train
services are available and transportation by car is convenient by
highway. Venue for the Training Sessions is the Education and
Conference Center at Michigan State University's  Kellogg Biological
Station (KBS), about 20 miles (30 km) from the Kalamazoo Airport. We
will facilitate your transport from the airport or train station to
KBS if we know your time of arrival.

Scientific Sessions will be held at Comstock Community Auditorium
within 10 miles of the airport, and even closer to most of the
hotels/motels in which blocks of rooms have been reserved. Most
motels have free airport shuttle service.

TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS: We recommend that you make travel arrangements
soon to secure economical rates. We have made arrangements with
Adventure Travel in Kalamazoo to obtain the best fares possible at
the time of booking. Contact: Sallie Smith at 616-382-3475, email:
sallie.adventravel@wspan.com and mention the Vermillennium.

VERMICOMPOSTING TRAINING: SEPTEMBER 16-17, 2000.  (Saturday and Sunday)
The first two days will be a training seminar for practitioners
involved in the worm industry. This seminar is designed to provide
basic background and a comprehensive overview of the industry to worm
workers of all categories-growers, entrepreneurs, recycling
coordinators, master composters, nursery professionals, compost
producers and marketers, organic growers, vermicomposters,
agricultural researchers and extension agents, soil scientists, soil
ecologists, teachers, trainers, and educators.

The faculty for the training includes a remarkable assembly of
internationally recognized leaders. You have the opportunity to hear
Dr. Clive Edwards, Dr. Scott Subler, Dr. Elaine Ingham, Dr. Rob
Blakemore,  and key industry people Kelly Slocum, Jim Jensen, Rod
Tyler, Mary Appelhof, Joe Keyser, and Pete Bogdanov.


* History and overview of vermicomposting systems
* Vermicomposting basics based upon managing a small-scale system
* Biology of an earthworm
* Earthworm species suitable for vermicomposting
* Vermicompost food web at the microscopic level
* Other creatures in the worm bin
* Worm castings, vermicompost and plant growth
* Worm castings tea
* Scaling up vermicomposting operations
* Developing a business
* Creating dynamic visibility and public relations
* Case studies of successful educational programs
* Questions, troubleshooting, concluding statements

FACILITY: Training will take place in an informal atmosphere at the
most colorful time of the year at Kellogg Biological Station which
overlooks beautiful Gull Lake. The  Education and Conference Center
has an auditorium, cafeteria, and several housing options for 125

rooms are double-occupancy and contain twin-beds and feather pillows
with bedding. Rooms do not have televisions, clock radios nor
telephones, although pay phones are present in the auditorium.  Some
quadruple and triple rooms are available, as are cabins at lower
rates. We expect capacity attendance at this seminar, so private
rooms are not likely to be available.  Roommate preference should be
made at time of registration. You may stay at KBS for the Scientific

RECREATION: Recreational activities include swimming and boating in
Gull Lake which may be warm enough at this time of year for a swim.
Equipment for volleyball, softball, basketball, football are
available upon request. Kellogg Forest is close-by with many areas
for running, walking, and driving. You may obtain a free pass to the
Kellogg Bird Sanctuary which has a bookstore and where many species
of waterfowl are always present.

DRESS: Casual dress is suggested. We want you to be as comfortable as
possible. Early fall temperatures in Michigan range from 50-80F
(10-27C). Nights are cool. A jacket and rain gear are recommended.

SMOKING: The regulations governing smoking at MSU stipulate that
there be no smoking anywhere in the Manor House, Academic Building,
or in McCrary Hall (the auditorium and cafeteria building). However,
smoking is allowed in all lodging rooms and on the grounds.

PARKING:  Conference guests may park free of charge in the McCrary
Hall and dormitory lots.

MEALS: Meals are served in the cafeteria in McCrary Hall with seating
in the dining room or on the patio overlooking Gull Lake. Specify on
the registration form if you are vegetarian or have special dietary

SCIENTIFIC SESSIONS: SEPTEMBER 19-22 (Tuesday through Friday noon)

Distinguished scientists and earthworm industry leaders from around
the world will guide us through historical background, major issues,
and significant developments in each topic. An introductory lecture
will be followed by individual papers selected from the abstracts
submitted. Each topic will be further developed in poster sessions
and a concluding lecture. The scientific sessions will provide
attendees with the most comprehensive opportunity in years to be
brought up to date on vermicomposting species, methods, economics,
and product applications in all parts of the world.

OFFICIAL LANGUAGE: Official language of the conference will be English.

PUBLICATIONS: Participants of Scientific Sessions will receive
abstracts at the conference. Those attending the Vermicomposting
Training will receive an extensive training manual. We expect to
publish a book from the major papers and hope to have qualified
papers appear in a suitable peer-reviewed journal.


	1. Biology and Identification of Earthworms for Vermiculture
		Dr. Jorge Dominquez (Vigo, Spain)
		Dr. Sam James (Iowa, USA)
	2. Methods of Vermicomposting
		Dr. Clive Edwards (Ohio, USA)
		Dr. Radha Kale (Bangalore, India)
	3. Types of Wastes, Effects of Contaminants and Pre-processing Needed
			in Vermiculture
		Dr. Scott Subler (Pennsylvania, USA)
		Dr. Adrian Reinecke (South Africa)
	4. Greenhouse and Field Applications of Earthworms and their Products
		John Buckerfield (Australia)
		Dr. Norman Arancun (Philippines)
	5. Earthworms in Bioremediation, as Protein Sources and as
		Dr. Sun Zhenjun (China)
		Bruce Eastman (Florida, USA)
	6. Microbiological, Chemical and Physical Aspects of Vermicomposting
		Dr. Daniel Dindal (New York, USA)
		Dr. Elaine Ingham (Oregon, USA)
	7. International Activities in Vermiculture
		Dr. Isabelle Barois (Mexico)
		Dr. Bintoro Gunadi (Indonesia)
	8. Economic Aspects of Vermicomposting
		Jim Jensen (Washington, USA)
		David Ellery (Australia)

ABSTRACTS STILL BEING ACCEPTED: Abstracts for papers or posters are welcome,
particularly from practitioners. The deadline has been extended to July 31.

Submit abstracts of up to 300 words to:
Dr. Clive Edwards,
Dept of Entomology
Ohio State University
1735 Neil Hall
Columbus, OH 43210-3786
PH: 614-292-3786
FAX 614-688-4222
email: soilecol@osu.edu

rooms have been secured in hotels and motels close to the conference
site. Prices range from US $45-71 per night. A convenient
accommodations guide is enclosed. You must make your own reservations
and identify yourself as a Vermillennium participant to receive the
quoted rate. A credit card number or deposit equal to one night's
stay will reserve your room. Most hotels and motels have free shuttle
service to and from the airport. Give them your flight number and
arrival time to facilitate this service.

FIELD TRIPS-SEPTEMBER 18 (Monday): You may select from one of three
choices for Monday morning field trips, the Kalamazoo Nature Center,
Tillers International, or the Sustainable Agriculture Programs at
KBS. After the morning tours you will eat lunch on the bus as you
ride to Lake Michigan. The charming port town of south Haven has a
picturesque breakwater and lighthouse and a wide sandy beach for
walking, wading, and swimming. You can tour their excellent Marine
Museum, shop, or enjoy drinks under umbrellas in the sidewalk cafe's.
You will find a variety of restaurants for supper before returning to
Kalamazoo. The cost of field trips (but not supper) is included in
both the Training and the Scientific Session registration fees.

Kalamazoo Nature Center.  With over 1000 acres of natural settings in
several habitats including beech-maple woods, meadows, and
fresh-water ponds, the Kalamazoo Nature Center was voted the top
nature center in Michigan. Some of it's attractions include an
11-acre arboretum, a warm-season butterfly house, a
butterfly-and-hummingbird garden, a bug house, and a tropical rain

Tillers International. Tillers was created to help international
farmers develop their production and communities without huge
economic and fossil-fuel inputs. Using animal power is the heart of
the Tillers experience. . . working with teams of oxen and draft
horses who, through their power and gentility, add production
capability. Classes offered have included yoke-making, logging with
draft horses and oxen, rope-making, blacksmithing, and other skills
that can improve quality of life for people in non-technological

Sustainable Agriculture Programs at Kellogg Biological Station.  KBS
is Michigan State University's largest off-campus education complex
and one of North America's premier inland field stations. With access
to over 4000 acres (1600 hectares), KBS is committed to science and
ecology education, conservation of natural resources.  Tour may
include manure management in the dairy operation and an overview of
the Long-Term Ecological Research sites in addition to talking with
investigators about their sustainable agriculture research program.


St. Joseph County Fair. Late summer finds people in rural communities
going to their county fairs where they tour the 4-H projects in the
animal barns, view the best-looking vegetable display from someone's
kitchen garden, marvel at the largest pumpkin, watch the harness
races, monster trucks, or live grandstand performances. One of the
oldest in the country, the St. Joseph County Fair attracts over
120,000 people every year. Supper will be pure American junk food
purchased as you wander about the midway rides. Fee includes bus
transportation and admission.

Microbrewery tour. Several microbreweries are popular nightspots in
Kalamazoo, some with entertainment, some with just great brew. Fee
includes bus transportation.

Meijer Superstore. If you want an unforgettable shopping experience,
go to Meijer. Founded by Michigan's Fred Meijer, this store has lawn
furniture, automotive parts, tennis shoes, clothes, draperies, the
freshest produce in town, groceries, dishes, picture frames, toys,
books, CD's, cosmetics. . . several hundred thousand kinds of items.
This will be your best chance to get souvenirs or even practical
goods to take home. Fee includes bus transportation.

Barbeque. We'll have a festive barbeque on the grounds of Kellogg
Biological Station on Thursday evening. Traditional barbeque fare
will include ribs and chicken, but vegetarian options will be
available. Cost of the barbeque is included in the registration fee.

Historical Documents. The Vermillennium commemorates the 20th
anniversary of the Workshop on the Role of Earthworms in
Stabilization of Organic Residues held in Kalamazoo in 1980. Limited
copies of the 392-page Proceedings (Vol. I) and 500+ page
Bibliography (Vol.II ) are still available. If you want them sent to
you, we will ship them by surface mail for $20 each including
shipping. Please specify on your registration form.

EXHIBITS: The Exhibit hall will give opportunity for vendors and
participants to interact throughout the Scientific Sessions. REQUEST

SHUTTLE AND BUS TRANSPORT. Although some people will prefer to rent
cars, we will facilitate shuttle service to and from the Kalamazoo
airport for $10-15 each way. Please inform us of your arrival and
departure dates and times.  During the Scientific Sessions, bus
transport between Kellogg Biological Station and Comstock Community
Auditorium is included in your registration fee.

VISA. We will write a formal letter of invitation if you require one
for funding or travel purposes.

Training Session: 2 full days of training, training manual, 1 day of
field trips, breaks

Scientific Session: 3 1/2 days of sessions, 1 day of field trips,
abstracts, proceedings, conference barbeque, breaks

Registration fees for the Training Session, which includes Monday
Field Trips are:
	Postmarked	Postmarked	 On-site (call ahead for availability)
	 by July 31, 2000	 by Aug. 15, 2000
	$300	$350	$400
Student rate:	 $200	$250	$300

Registration fees for the Scientific Session, which includes Monday
Field Trips, are:
	Postmarked	 Postmarked	 On-site
	by July 31, 2000	 by Aug. 15, 2000
	 $250	$300	 $350
Student rate	$150	$200	$250

REDUCED FEES FOR STUDENTS. We offer students a reduction of $100 in
registration fees for each session. Further reduction in overall
conference cost may be achieved by selecting lower cost housing which
is available in the cabins at Kellogg Biological Station.


REGISTRATION: To register, complete the registration form. If paying
by check, mail completed form and check to Vermillennium, 10332
Shaver Road, Kalamazoo, MI 49024 USA. If paying by credit card you
may FAX your form to: 616-327-7009. Those with access to the internet
may print out the form on the website at:
http://www.wormwoman.com/vermillennium and FAX or mail it to the
above address or FAX number. Questions? Call 616-327-0108.

PAYMENTS. Payment in full is due at time of registration.  Checks or
money orders are payable to The Vermillennium, drawn in U.S. dollars
on a U.S. bank. You can alleviate currency exchange problems by using
a credit card. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and

CANCELLATION POLICIES.   Requests for cancellations will be honored
with a refund (less a $50 processing fee for each session) if
received before July 31, 2000. Written requests postmarked between
August 1 and August 25, 2000 will receive a 50% refund. Absolutely no
refunds will be given for cancellations after August 25, 2000. No
refunds will be given for conference "no shows." All cancellations
must be made in writing to: Vermillennium, 10332 Shaver Road,
Kalamazoo, MI 49024 or FAX to: 616-327-7009.


Mail to: Vermillennium, 10332 Shaver Road,
Kalamazoo, MI 49024 USA   FAX 616-327-7009
Please do not mail after Aug 15; register on-site

Step 1. Registrant Information
One person per form. Please photocopy




City                       State/Zip              Country

Phone                               FAX


How did you hear of the Vermillennium?

Please describe any accessibility needs.

Step 2. Vermillennium Training - Registration

Check-in Friday afternoon, 2 full days of training Saturday and
Sunday plus Monday Field Trips
                	  Postmarked      	Postmarked
	 by  July 31 	by August 15	On-Site
	$300	$350	$400
Student Rate:	$200 	 $250	$300
			 Training Registration $________
Step 3. Field Trips - Sign-up
Cost included in registration fee

Monday Morning (Select one)
____Kellogg Biological Station
____Kalamazoo Nature Center                Monday Afternoon
____Tillers International                           _____Lake Michigan

Step 4. Scientific Sessions - Registration
Monday Field Trips - Check Step 3 above
                    Postmarked       	 Postmarked
                    by July 31       	 by August 25     On-Site
Tues-Fri	$250	$300	$350
Student Rate	$150	$200	$250
Day Rate	$100	$100	$100
Choose Day________
                       		Scientific Session Registration $_________

Step 5. Night on the Town - Tuesday, September 19
Choose one
St. Joseph County Fair  $15
Meijer  $10
Microbrewery tour $10        Night on the Town $_________

Step 6. Barbeque
Thursday evening
Cost included in Registration fee

Step 7. Historical documents

Workshop on the Role of Earthworms in the Stabilization of Organic
Residues (1981)

          Vol. I Proceedings  (340p) $20.00
          Vol. II Bibliography (429p) $20.00
           includes surface shipping      Total Books $_________

Step 8. Airport Shuttle
Kellogg Biological Station Guests Only

Arrival          Airline         Flight No.          Date           Time

Departure     Airline         Flight No.          Date            Time
Motel guest notify your motel at the time you reserve your room.

Step 9. Housing    F  S  S  M  T  W  T  F  (Circle nights)

Kellogg Biological Station
Double: No. of nights____@ $30	$______
Triple: No. of Nights ____@ $23	$______
Quad: No. of nights____@ $19	$______
Cabin with linens: No. of nights____@ $16	$______
Cabin - bring sleeping bag: No. of nights____@ $8	$______
Available first to Training Session Registrants, then to others on
space available basis.
Hotel/motel reservations see reverse side.
Arrival date__________Departure date:__________
Smoking        Non-Smoking
Roommate preference____________________
                                            	Total Housing $_________

Step 10. Meals            S  S  M  T  W  T  F (Circle Days)

Kellogg Biological Station Guests
   Other dietary needs
Monday dinner will not be provided
               No. of days______@ $19 = Total Meals $_________

Step 11. Total Due
a. Training Registration (from Step 2)	$______
b. Scientific Session Registration (from Step 4)	$______
c. Night on the Town (from Step 5)	$______
d. Books (from Step 6)	$______
e. Housing (from Step 9)	$______
  f. Meals (from Step 10)	$______
                                                              Sub total 	$______
Discount for those attending both sessions a&b	$-50.00_
			Total Due $________
Make check or money order payable to: Vermillennium
No refunds after August 25.
Administrative fee of $50 a session for refunds prior to August 25.
Complete if using VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express
Card Number______________________Exp. Date_________
Name (please print)__________________________________

September 17-22, 2000

  * To receive the quoted rates below, you must identify yourself as a
VERMILLENNIUM participant when calling to make your reservation at
the properties listed. The properties will ONLY accept rates if you
identify yourself before check-in.
  * Quoted rates are subject to state and local taxes (10%).
  * IT IS RECOMMENDED to guarantee your room at least THREE WEEKS in
advance with
	a credit card number or a deposit equal to one night's stay
mailed directly to the property at 	which you make your
  * For current hotel availability, as the dates become closer and
room blocks decrease, please call 	1-800-530-9192 and ask for
our automated phone line for the dates of September 16-21. If you
	have specific questions concerning hotel accommodations
please ask for Brenda Haight during 	regular business hours Monday
- Friday from 8:30 am - 5:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time).
1. Clarion Hotel, 3600 E. Cork Street 616-385-3922 single $69  double $65
2. Comfort Inn 2820 Sprinkle Road, 616-381-7000 single $71 double $71
3. Country Inn & Suites 1912 E. Kilgore, 616-382-2303 single $70 double $80
4. Fairfield Inn West 6420 Cracker Barrell 616-353-6400 single $64 double $64
5. Holiday Inn Airport 3522 Sprinkle road 616-381-7070 single $71 double $71
6. Quality Inn & Suites 3750 East Street 616-388-3551 single $45
double $45 Triple $45 Quad $45

Caution: Because a popular "Street rod" Festival takes place in
Kalamazoo the weekend of September 15-17, all hotels and motels
within 40 miles are booked. You will NOT be able to reserve a room
before Sunday September 17.  Vermicomposting Training Registrants are
guaranteed housing for the weekend because they will be staying at
Kellogg Biological Station.

Housing information provided by The Kalamazoo County Convention &
Visitors Bureau 616-381-4003
Web site: kazoofun.com

Vermillennium  Committee

Mary Appelhof
Flowerfield Enterprises
Kalamazoo, Michigan

Dr. Clive Edwards
Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio

Dr. Radha Kale
University of Agricultural Sciences Bangalore, India

Kelly Slocum
Director Community Interface
Ecconet, Inc.
Yakima, Washington

Dr. Scott Subler
Pacific Garden Company
Millheim, Pennsylvania
Mary Appelhof
Flowerfield Enterprises
Co-coordinator of the Vermillennium Sept. 16-22, 2000
10332 Shaver Road
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49024 USA
PH:616-327-0108  FAX 616-327-7009
Mary Appelhof
Flowerfield Enterprises
Co-coordinator of the Vermillennium Sept. 16-22, 2000
10332 Shaver Road
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49024 USA
PH:616-327-0108  FAX 616-327-7009

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Postings to:  enviro-mich@great-lakes.net      For info, send email to
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