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E-M:/ Coyote: Can you help us save?

Enviro-Mich message from ECOARTDB@aol.com

Dear Environmentalists,
I friend of mine is concerned about the proposed killing of a number coyote 
on a 200 acres parcel in a suburban setting where he works. He is seeking 
information that may prevent the killing, or have it done in the most humane 
way possible.  I called DNR wildlife division, and they spend time on the 
phone getting information for me, but the basic  outlook was that coyote 
numbers are extreemly high, increasing, and that they are becoming a nusence. 
People are allowed to trap, hunt and poison them. They are not allowed to 
transport them to other lands.  One the other hand my research shows that the 
coyotes adjust their population by having more puppies, if attempts are made 
to exterminate them from an area. They reduce rodent population. (Do they eat 

We would appreciate any information or asistance you could give regarding 
this proposed killing of coyote..

Thanks, Deanne Bednar

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