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Re: E-M:/ NY Times on Michigan/W. Virginia/Utility Loss

Enviro-Mich message from Terry Lodge <tjlodge50@yahoo.com>

> Will Michigan Attorney General Jennifer Granholm,
> who will undoubtedly court environmental support
> if she runs for Governor,
> continue to back Russ Harding's and John Engler's
> efforts to trash interstate smog control plans???
> Granholm should swear off lending the prestige of
> her office to Russ Harding/John Engler's utility
> industry boot licking and anti-public health, anti-
> environmental initiatives!

   Assuming that no one tries to appeal this to the
U.S. Supreme Court, this chapter should now be closed
and the documents underlying Michigan's position in
the litigation thus available under Michigan's freedom
of information act. I think someone ought to make a
request for all files containing correspondence
between the AG's office and Mr. Engler. I suspect
there's some interesting communications to be found
there. Surely Attorney-General Granholm was gnashing
her teeth at having to advance so indefensible a
position. I take the silence from the Governor's
office as a sign that they aren't going to try to
argue that there was any lack of diligence by the AG
in representing Michigan's retrograde viewpoint.

  Terry Lodge

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