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Re: E-M:/ High Gasoline Prices?

Enviro-Mich message from RobC313@aol.com

Mr. Bill,

Like a fat junebug about to be splattered upon the windshield of reality your 
paranoia that something is very wrong, is very justified.  Just because we 
interrupted their meeting doesn't mean we interrupted their agenda.

HEAT- Hamtramck Environmental Action Team

In a message dated 6/25/00 11:27:43 AM Eastern Daylight Time, wtobler@tdi.net 

<< About 10 days ago I was muttering to myself about the high price of
 gasoline, up about 70 cents in a few weeks.  At that time, USEPA was
 attributing only about 5 cents of the increase to reformulated gasoline,
 effective June 1.  The remaining 65 cents still seems to have resulted
 from "unknown" origins.
 As we all know, Russ Harding, and other anti-environmental political
 figures including George W Bush and certain big dirty business figures,
 received a stinging embarrassment 2 months ago when their secret meeting
 at Metro Airport was revealed.  Supposedly, a main ingredient of this
 Republican meeting was to seek ways to embarrass and dismantle the USEPA
 in the event of a sweeping Republican victory this November.
 Well what occurred to me, while watching the dollars go whipping by on
 the pump, was whether the Republicans would place the blame for this
 gasoline price surge on the USEPA and other environmental nuts.  Sure
 enough, in a radio interview this past Friday, John Truscott,
 representing Governor John Engler, did exactly that.
 Truscott was also asked whether Michigan might follow the lead of other
 midwestern states and reduce the state taxes such that the state
 governments didn't receive a windfall from the situation.  He said that
 the high prices were entirely a Federal issue, and that the State wasn't
 benefitting from increased tax collections, and Michigan would NOT
 consider adjusting their taxing basis.
 Whereas I don't necessarily support a rollback of the taxes, I DO
 SUPPORT an honest and accurate representation of the monies collected
 and where they might go.  I also want to know EXACTLY the sources of the
 price surge, and who is getting what.  So far, the petroleum industry's
 response (Huh?  Gee.  I don't know.) seems a little disingenuous.  How
 about a secret plan between these same Republicans and the Refineries to
 rip off the American public and place the blame on the USEPA and
 environmental causes?  It's no secret that the Refineries are unhappy
 about the reformulation regulations.  This scenario seems to make a lot
 of sense, and if found to be true, well .....

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